Kaiteriteri Gold

Sat, 07/03/2020 Finish on the golden sands on the 7th March 2020

Kaiteriteri Gold Half Marathon and 14km


Back in 1991 the birth of the Riwaka Half Marathon signalled “the ultimate test” around a loop course through beautiful Kaiteriteri Beach.

30 years on and it’s “new beginnings” for Kaiteriteri Gold’s Anniversary.

The HALF will still be challenging, still be very scenic..perhaps the most picturesque in the country..but it will run in the opposite direction.

Starting from the beach it’s along the Kaiteriteri Marahau Road then up to Sandy Bay Hill and the wafts of the BagPiper.

A new venture foots you through the pine needle laden forest road and a well deserved  pickmeup at the Split Apple Aid Station.

A further 3.5kms and you’re finishing on the golden sands of New Zealand’s best beach.

New, will be a 14km option encompassing MTB tracks, Forest trails then like the Half, a final 3.5km Road finish.

Come and join us for the March 7th, 2020 celebrations and a weekend of sun, sand, some sweat and plenty of smiles...!


Kaiteriteri Gold Half Marathon Honours Board

An honours board listing all half marathoners who have eclipsed 1 hour 20minutes (men), 1.30 (women).

Men Sub 1:20:00

2012, Phil Costley, 1:08:59
2012, Blair McWhirter, 1:10:40
2000 , Mike Moreu , 1:12:09
2014, Phil Costley, 1:12:33
2011 , Phil Costley, 1:12:51
1996 , Tim Cross , 1:13:21
2013 , Phil Costley, 1:13:26
1994 , Nigel Wilson , 1:13:34
1993 , Greg Fraine , 1:14:17
2018, Phil Costley, 1.14.58
1996 , Greg Fraine , 1:15:00
2012,  Graeme Taylor, 1:15:14
1996 , Roussos Alexopoulos , 1:15:18
2008 , Jonathan Wyatt , 1:15:32
2015,  Phil Costley, 1:16:05
2016, Phil Costley, 1:16:11
1993 , Jeff Mitchell , 1:16:21
1997 , Kingsley Cook , 1:16:25
2012,  Tim Bolter, 1:17:02
1995 , Craig Holtham , 1:17:07
1999 , Craig Holtham , 1:17:11
1992 , Bob Christie , 1:17:19
1998 , Guy Barber , 1:17:23
2007 , Daniel Hapeta , 1:17:23
1998 , Stu Cottam , 1:17:35
2018, Joel Bowater, 1.17.42
1996 , Russell Maddam , 1:17:44
1993 , Derek Milne , 1:17:46
1996 , Tim Shaw , 1:17:57
2018, Todd Marwick, 1.18.10
2019,Phil Costley, 1.18.16
1999 , Robbie Hill , 1:18:18
2011 , Tim Bolter, 1:18:21
2012,  Brian Kemp, 1:18:24
1996 , Tony Collins , 1:18:30
2017,  Phil Costley, 1:18:39
1992 , Paul Greep , 1:18:43
1996 , Craig Holtham , 1:18:43
1994 , Greg Fraine , 1:19:06
1999 , Kevin Ellis , 1:19:20
1996 , Angus Wood , 1:19:27
2001 , Scott Molina , 1:19:44
Women Sub 1:30:00
2012,  Anne-Marie Madden, 1:23:15
1994 , Gillene Haldane , 1:25:16
2012,  Paula Canning, 1:25:40
2004 , Domenica Wojnowski , 1:26:47
1998 , Susan Aviss , 1:27:11
2011, Paula Canning, 1:27:16
2013, Klaartje van Schie, 1:27:16
2012,  Klaartje van Schie, 1:27:47
2019, Megan Craig, 1.28.22
2010, Paula Canning, 1.28.43
2004 , Taryn Beattie , 1:29:10
2019, Julie Anderson, 1.29.26


EVENT INformation


Half Marathon open to runners

14km open to runners and walkers (no separate category)

Half Marathon Event (Runners Only)


From NZ’s best beach it’s undulating along the Kaiteriteri Marahau Road to the Junction.

A left turn soon has you heading up to the Sandy Bay Hill summit and welcoming wafts of the BagPiper spurring you on.

Into the Kaiteriteri Forest and along the pine needle laden pathway will be new running territory before respite and a pickmeup at the Split Apple Rock Aid Station.

From there it’s just under 4kms back to the beach on the road and golden sand finish plus perhaps a refresher into the more than inviting water.

14km Event (Runners and Walkers)

It’s new..and promises to be popular.

A 1km warmup along Martin Farm Road soon has you ready to venture into the Kaiteriteri Mountainbike Park.

Up Ziggy then Corkscrew Tracks is your assignment and onto the tops. Time to take in the picture postcard view of kaiteriteri and the Tasman Sea below.  Onto the Forest Road to meet up with those in the Half as you share and continue your memorable journey to the finish.


Half Marathon and 10km Entry Fee is $65

Early Bird Discount 1 - Enter in October for $55


(Please note there is a minimum age requirement of 16 years unless approval granted by discretion of the Race Organiser).


Entries close February 20th.

Please note that no entries will be accepted on race day.

Start Times

8.30am   Half Marathon Runners
9.15am   14km Runners and Walkers



This will be on the grassy area by the Flying Fox (on your left, next to the main carpark as you enter Kaiteriteri beachfront)

Half Marathon Entrants Registration opens from 7.30am
14km Entrants Registration opens from 8.15am.

You will need to bring your completed Registration Certificate with you to uplift your race number.  This will be emailed in the week prior to the event - we will also have spare copies available on event morning.

We ask you to complete this Certificate to ensure we get the most up to date information on your health and contact details. Some time can pass between entering the event and the event day, this process ensures we can do our best to keep you safe.

Any pre-ordered merchandise will be available for collection at Registration.


Performance Prizes
HALF:  1st Male and Female in all age groups
14km: 1st Male and Female in all age groups

Spot prizes will also be awarded. To claim a spot prize you must be present at prizegiving.

TO win  the Wildside Travel - ROUND RAROTONGA 9 DAY LAND PACKAGE you must be at prizegiving

Prizegiving 1.30pm (dependent on last finisher).

This will be held on the grass area by the flying fox (next to the playground and Fire Station).


Please note that for safety reasons use of ipod, mp3 player, Walkman or similar is not permitted.

It is compulsory to be in attendance for the event briefing.


Withdrawals must be notified via email to

Withdrawals by 7th  February will be refunded in full less a $30 admin fee.

No entry fee refunds will be made after February 7th 2020.

Please note entries cannot be transferred to other competitors, other events or future editions of this event.If you need to withdraw during the race, please notify the nearest official and hand your race number in to the Nelson Events Crew.

Further Information
Please contact Abbe West 021 281 4560




Check out our merchandise in the entry portal. 

Kaiteriteri Gold Event Tee Shirt - $35

Quick Dry material, white, mens and womens specific fit

Kaiteriteri Gold Event Trucker Cap - $25

Royal Blue and white, unisex fit

Goodr Sunglasses $52.50 (these will be sent to you as son as we recieve the order so you can train over Summer in them).


Contact us for orders

Travel & Accommodation

Kaiteriteri is situated just north of Motueka. It is approximately fifty minutes drive from Nelson.
Renowned for it's golden sandy beaches, it is a popular holiday camping destination for New Zealanders and is handily placed to access the Abel Tasman National Park.

The Kaiteriteri Motor Camp is the ideal place to stay - 20m stroll to the start / finish line!

Phone: 03 5278010


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