Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake

Sat, 08/04/2017 Saturday 8th April 2017 ENTRY NOW OPEN

The Event

The course is an anticlockwise circuit of Lake Rotoiti commencing from the Lake Rotoiti waterfront. Approximately 25km.

The Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake first began in 1996, and like the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic is conducted through a concession contract with the Department of Conservation, and is limited to 400* competitors to minimise impact on the trail.

Annualy the field usually sells out as the reputation of this track and its location, the Nelson Lakes National Park is somewhat renowned. The experience is alpine and bush trail with the possibility that participants will experience all alpine weather conditions during the event - yes, it has snowed before! Brrrrrr!

This one, is a fantastic introduction to trail running - many runners have had their first taste of off road running by completing this one.

For more information about the Nelson Lakes area, check out the Nelson Lakes web site

and/or the DOC website

The course is an anticlockwise circuit of Lake Rotoiti commencing from the Lake Rotoiti lakefront. Approximately 25km.


Entry to the 2017 event is now open

Entry of $90 includes lunch at the Alpine Lodge - you will need to indicate on your entry form your preference for filling.

Limited to 400 entries (please note that owing to environmental and safety considerations the Department of Conservation has placed a limit of 400 competitors for this event).
Entries received after the 400 limit is reached will be placed on a first come waiting list, and processed as accepted.  Please email us to find out how to place yourself on this wait list.

All competitors must be a minimum of 16 years of age to enter this event (unless prior agreement given from Race Director).

If you can complete a half marathon in under 2.45 hours then you can enter the Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake

Trailwalkers: - if you can meet the above requirement, then you can enter this event (there is no separate category for Trailwalkers, so you can run when you feel like it!).

Withdrawal Policy

No entry fee refunds will be made after March 18th 2017.
Prior to this a administration fee of $25 will be charged.

Start Time
Race Pack collection opens at 7.30am on event morning, and will close at 8.30am.
Trailrunners Start 9.15am

Compulsory clothing/gear will be inspected at check in and then random gear checks thereafter.

Please note the location for event registration is at the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall on the Main Road, St Arnaud. 

Event Briefing

This is compulsory and will take place on the lakefront 15 minutes prior to start.


All competitors must carry the following minimum equipment on them at all times to cover all possible weather conditions:
* Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen), top, hat and gloves
* Windproof parka/jacket
* Whistle
* Survival blanket

Please note that your gear must include a long sleeved garment.

You will have a gear check prior to the start and there are also gear checks on route.
No Gear - No Start (simple as that).

Please ensure your race number is visible on your CHEST (on your FRONT) at all times - there are a number of checkpoints that you will pass through on the track. It is imperative that your number is recorded at each of these checkpoints.  If a crew member cannot see your race number, they have the authority to stop you from continuing until this is in full view.

Race number must be worn on your front and be clearly visible at all times.

Please call your number as you pass to aid our crew in recording.

Competitors must not deviate from the track and must cross the Travers River where directed by marshals.

Please note that for safety reasons use of ipod, mp3 player, Walkman or similar is not permitted. Enjoy the surroundings of the Nelson Lakes National Park - the sounds are worth listening to as you enjoy your event.


In the event of extreme weather conditions the organising committee reserves the right to set an alternative course or to cancel the event.   This decision would be made on the morning of the event, and notification made at Event HQ (the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall).
If river levels deemed too high to cross, a decision will be made by the Event Director as to an out and back option.

This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you encompass training on uneven terrain to prepare appropriately and to also familiarise yourself with the process of following trail/track markers.

Check out our training tips and programmes on the sign post on the right


All food/supplement wrappers etc must be numbered to comply with the track's pack-in pack-out rubbish policy.


Competitors are advised to carry their own. 

Water packs can be refilled at the head of the lake from natural sources at competitor's risk, check the DOC website for up to date information on water quality.  There are no water stations on the course.


Those who suffer adverse effects from bee/wasp stings etc are reminded to carry appropriate medication and advise the organisers.

Emergency medication to be carried by the competitor at all times. 

Any medical conditions should be advised in writing at entry point, noted on your Event Registration Certificate, and also noted on the back of your race number (marker pens are available at Event Registration for this purpose).


Prizegiving at approximately 2.30pm (tbc) at the Alpine Lodge.


Performance and spot prizes will be awarded in all age groups.
(First only - less than 7 entries, 2nd - less than 10, 3rd - with 10 or more)
Runners - Under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

Race Packs

Race packs will be available at the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall from 7.30am on Race Day.
The Lake Rotoiti Community Hall is opposite the Lake Rotoiti School on the Main Road, St Arnaud - see map below (circled in black)


After collecting your race pack, we recommend you park down by the waterfront, as the DOC Information Centre is for visitors only.


This is where the St Arnaud track ends - at the carpark by the Lake (camping area). Water and hot drinks will be available from our Strider Hands at the finish.


There are toilets for pre-race at Kerr Bay (pre-start) and at the St Arnaud Community Hall (event registration). Toilets on the course are at Lakehead Hut and Coldwater Hut. 

Track Etiquette

We ask that you kindly please respect other track users.

When passing a slower runner or other track user, please call 'passing' and pass on the lake side of the track, ie, the slower competitor to step to the inside/landward side of the track.

Please note that neither the organisers, the sponsors, nor any other party associated with this event shall have any responsibility, financial or otherwise, arising out of negligence or otherwise for any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained by yourself from your intended or actual participation in this event or its related activities. You are entering this event entirely at your own risk.

Merchandise - must be pre-booked

Event T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL or 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18) $40
Men (Round Neck) Women (V Neck)

Event Cap $25

Survival Compact First Aid Kit - $15 - 150x90x25mm, 80gm, in a ziplock bag, contains alcohol wipes, antiseptic wipes, content list, non-adherent dressing (sm), plasters (washable), plaster fabric strip 100mm, safety pins, survival blanket with instructions, tri-angular bandage

Event Hoodie $100
Mens and Womens Fit (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

Teflon water repellent, stain resistant fabric, attached hood, hood drawstrings with rubber tips, set-in sleeves and kanga pocket.  Self fabric cuffs and hem band featuring our cool Loop the Lake event logo on the back.  Navy/Grey colour as pictured.

Race Records

*The course changed in 2009 whereby the start was moved to the lakefront, prior to this, the start was outside the DOC Centre.

Men       Women      
Phil Costley
Fleur Lattimore 1.54.50
Phil Costley 1.38.26 2011*
Carline McDonald
Michael Morrissey
Loris Reed
Norman Carrington
Yvonne West 2.46.21 2013


ONLINE Entry is now open


If you wish to enter by traditional means, and download an entry form, then press the link below, then print, complete and send entry form with fee to:
Nelson Events, PO Box 129, Nelson, 7040
If paying by cheque please make payable to Nelson Events

Alternatively, you can pay by Internet Transfer to:

Account #: 03-1354-0219426-30
Reference:  Your Surname, followed by LthL17

Entry Form can either be posted to address above or emailed to





Click here to register online Download entry form

Training Plans based on a 30k Off Road Distance

This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you incorporate off road running into your training.

Beginner's Ten Week Training Plan - Martin Lukes

Intermediate Level Ten Week Training Plan

Advanced Level Ten Week Training Plan - Martin Lukes

Travel & Accommodation

How to get there:
St Arnaud, Nelson Lakes, is easily accessible from both Blenheim and Nelson.
It is a 1 1/2 hour drive on good roads.
It is a 4-5 hour drive from Christchurch.


Alpine Lodge
Naturally we recommend you support our principal sponsor The Alpine Lodge if you require accommodation.
See their Website
Phone/Fax (03) 521 1869 or Freephone 0800 367 777 to discuss their affordable options.

General Information
For more information about the Nelson Lakes area, check out the Nelson Lakes Website

and/or the DOC website


2017 Entrant List

Please note that this list is not complete and will be updated regularly towards event day

If you have not been receiving our pre-event emails, then please get in touch so we can check we have your email correct.  All event information (including your Race Number Pick Up Certificate in the week before the event) will be emailed to you.  Remember to check your junk folder first ;)

The email system will only send one email per email address, so if two or more people have registered with the same email, it will be addressed to one person only - to receive your own personalised email, please email us a different address.

Pre Event Emails sent thus far:
Entry confirmation (sent directly upon entering)


Mel Aitken  40 - 49 F Greymouth
Steve Aitken  50 - 59 M Greymouth
Heather Andrew  Under 40 F Riwaka
Laura Andrews  Under 40 F Dunedin
Bob Ashford  60+ M Rangiora
Kathy Askin  60+ F Tasman
Jeanette Aspin  40 - 49 F Nelson
Rachel Astbury  Under 40 F Upper Moutere
Sue Ballantyne  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Olivia Barclay  Under 40 F Christchurch
Steve Beatson  40 - 49 M Nelson
Rosie Benfield  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Amy Blair  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Jane Blissett  Under 40 F Christchurch
Rex Bolwell  60+ M Nelson
Haydn Bone  40 - 49 M Nelson
Tom Booth  Under 40 M UK
Kelly Bowers  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Ian Brandon  Under 40 M Carterton
Kim Brown  50 - 59 F Christchurch
Blair Brown  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Jane Brown  50 - 59 F Nelson
Richard Brown  Under 40 M Takaka
Janet Brown  40 - 49 F Takaka
Jess Brown  Under 40 F Nelson
Peter Brown  60+ M Te Awamutu
Geoff Brown  60+ M Wellington
Riki Browning  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Vicki Bryson  40 - 49 F Nelson
Alan Bryson  Under 40 M Nelson
Aimee Burnard  Under 40 F Nelson
Helen Bush  40 - 49 F Nelson
Anne-Marie Button  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Ian Buunk  Under 40 M Blenheim
Miro Bzduch  Under 40 M Auckland
Maria Cairns  40 - 49 F North Beach
Megan Callaghan  Under 40 F Nelson
Tane Cambridge  Under 40 M Waltham
Dave Candy  50 - 59 M Christchurch
Kate Canton  40 - 49 F Nelson
Karilyn Cavaye  40 - 49 F Takaka
Susan Chalmers  Under 40 F Nelson
Airlie Chamberlain  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Ewan Chapman  50 - 59 M Christchurch
Catherine Chick  40 - 49 F Motueka
Jesse Clements  Under 40 M Nelson
Pauline Clyne  Under 40 F New Brighton
Sarah Cook  Under 40 F New Plymouth
Richard Cook  Under 40 M Roseneath
Rachel Cooper  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Laura Cooper  Under 40 F Tawa
Donna Corlet  40 - 49 F Nelson
Mark Corlet  40 - 49 M Nelson
Stu Cottam  50 - 59 M Nelson
Rachel Daniel  40 - 49 F Nelson
Clare Dawson  40 - 49 F UK
Kristen Diederich  Under 40 F Waiau
Andy Dimond  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Donna Dimond  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Michelle Dodunski  40 - 49 F Nelson
Adrian Doyle  Under 40 M Christchurch
Jill Drake  50 - 59 F Rangiora
Simon Duffy  40 - 49 M Upper Moutere
Alastair Duffy  40 - 49 M Upper Moutere
April Duggan  40 - 49 F Waimairi Beach
Paul Durdin  Under 40 M Christchurch
Rachel Eaton  Under 40 F Wanaka
Anju Ejima  Under 40 M Takaka
Sharon English  50 - 59 F Christchurch
Simone Faulkner  40 - 49 F Timaru
Nicole Finlayson  Under 40 F Nelson
Bridget Finnie  40 - 49 F Nelson
Scott Finnie  40 - 49 M Nelson
Helen Flannery  40 - 49 F Hataitai
Toby Fletcher  Under 40 M Motueka
Lauren Fletcher  Under 40 F Nelson
Kelly Flood  Under 40 F Templeton
Sue Foley-Flynn  50 - 59 F Southshore
Jeff Foote  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Wendy Fox-Turnbull  50 - 59 F Christchurch
Desmond Fraher  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Lisa Francis  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Steve Francis  50 - 59 M Christchurch
Brian Fredric  60+ M Christchurch
Malindi Gammon  Under 40 F Nelson
Nicky Gardner  40 - 49 F Canterbury
Sabrina Gardner  Under 40 F SWITZERLAND
Brennan Geddes  40 - 49 M Nelson
Rebecca Gibb  40 - 49 F Nelson
Fiona Gibb  40 - 49 F Wellington
Claudine Gibson  40 - 49 F Huia
Kelly Gill-Brydon  Under 40 F Nelson
Nathan Glue  Under 40 M Blenheim
Jane Gosden  Under 40 F Christchurch
Karen Graham  50 - 59 F Nelson
Colin Grealy  Under 40 M New Brighton
James Green  40 - 49 M Nelson
Nina Griffith  40 - 49 F Takaka
Eddie Griffiths  Under 40 M Ashburton
Rad Gulliver  Under 40 M Christchurch
Vanessa Gundry  50 - 59 F Nelson
Tim Hall  50 - 59 M Wellington
Cameron Harcourt  Under 40 M Tinwald
David Harris  50 - 59 M Camperdown
Annabel Harris  Under 40 F Waiau
Craig Hawkyard  40 - 49 M Waimari Beach
Jennifer Hayward  40 - 49 F Wellington
Lorraine Heffernan  Under 40 F Christchurch
Carol Heiford  Under 40 F Nelson
Toby Heine  Under 40 M Point Chevalier
Amanda Henriksen  Under 40 F Darfield
Miriam Heycoop  50 - 59 F Mount Victoria
Freya Hogarth  40 - 49 F Nelson
Stacey Holder  40 - 49 F Nelson
Viki Holland  40 - 49 F Culverden
Graeme Horrell  60+ M Christchurch
Kent Huxford  Under 40 M Christchurch
Mark Huxford  Under 40 M Orewa
Katy Iremonger  Under 40 F Hurunui
Tara Jackson  Under 40 F Nelson
Chris James  50 - 59 M Nelson
Kathryn Jennings  Under 40 F Nelson
Angus Jennings  Under 40 M Nelson
Marisha Johnston  Under 40 F Christchurch
Sue Jones  60+ F Christchurch
Katy Jones  40 - 49 F Glendowie
Sarah Kelland  Under 40 F Christchurch
Virginia Kidd  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Ina Kinski  Under 40 F Dunedin
James Lange  Under 40 M Pukekohe
Sheree Lavender  Under 40 F Nelson
Nicola Lawes  40 - 49 F Nelson
Genevieve Leech  Under 40 F Mt Pleasant
Sam Leith  Under 40 M Motueka
Roger Leslie  60+ M Mosgiel
Annemieke Lewis  40 - 49 F Nelson
Bruce Lines  40 - 49 M Nelson
Dorothy Litchwark  50 - 59 F Nelson
Nessa Lynch  Under 40 F Wellington
Don MacKenzie  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Blake Mackie  40 - 49 M Nelson
Kelly Mahuika  40 - 49 F Nelson
Janine Marr  Under 40 F Upper Moutere
Andy Marr  40 - 49 M Upper Moutere
Julie Marriott  Under 40 F Nelson
James Marshall  40 - 49 M Nelson
David Mavor  40 - 49 M Ashburton
Sarah McAlister  40 - 49 F Blenheim
Katrina McDermott  Under 40 F Christchurch
William McGrath  Under 40 M Christchurch
Cam McKenzie  40 - 49 M Wellington
Richele McKenzie  40 - 49 F Wellington
Susan McLachlan  40 - 49 F Papakura
Mandy Medcalf-Stephens  40 - 49 F Nelson
Sakkie Meyer  40 - 49 M Nelson
James Middlewick  40 - 49 M Nelson
Toni Mockler  50 - 59 F Nelson
Kirstina Moore  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Mick Moorhouse  50 - 59 M Nelson
Ruby Morgan  Under 40 F Point Chevalier
Angie Morris  40 - 49 F Motueka
Melanie Mott  Under 40 F Takaka
Aaron Munoz  40 - 49 M Te Aro
Mark Murphy  50 - 59 M Nelson
Denise Murphy  50 - 59 F Rotorua
Edwin Nieman  50 - 59 M Dunedin
Sarah Nimmo  40 - 49 F Nelson
Hazel Nissen  Under 40 F Christchurch
Patrick O'Doherty  40 - 49 M Wellington
Jess O'Donovan  Under 40 F Kaiapoi
Rachel O'hanlon  Under 40 F Nelson
Lucy Oliver  Under 40 F Nelson
Sarah Olson  40 - 49 F Palmerston North
Mel Orange  50 - 59 M Christchurch
Catherine O'Shaughnessy  40 - 49 F Wellington
Nicky Page  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Diane Page  50 - 59 F Hillsborough
Rebecca Paris  Under 40 F Christchurch
Alan Paris  50 - 59 M RD1
Jane Parrett  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Matt Parrett  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Reagan Pattison  40 - 49 M Nelson
Samantha Pearson  40 - 49 F Nelson
Tania Phillipps  40 - 49 F Nelson
Santosha Phillips  Under 40 F Nelson
Jason Pryke  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Crichton Purdie  40 - 49 M Witherlea
Darlene Purdie  40 - 49 F Witherlea
Roimata Rapata  40 - 49 F Nelson
Rachael Reid-McCallum  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Margaret Reynolds  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Emma Richards  40 - 49 F Wellington
Donna Richmond  Under 40 F Papakura
Kerry Richmond  Under 40 M Papakura
Mike Riley  60+ M Christchurch
Viv Rounce  50 - 59 F Nelson
Danielle Rouse  Under 40 F Auckland
Barry Rowe  50 - 59 M Nelson
Jenny Rutherford  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Katherine Samplonius  40 - 49 F Auckland
Aimee Scott  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Meg Selby  Under 40 F Nelson
Mandy Shand  Under 40 F Culverden
Louisa Sharpe  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Tom Sharpe  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Andrew Shelling  50 - 59 M Helensville
Nicola Shorten  40 - 49 F Wellington
Maria Siegruhn  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Shane Simmonds  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Paul Sinclair  Under 40 M Ashburton
Sandra Skudder  Under 40 F Christchurch
Bronwyn Slack  Under 40 F Greymouth
David Slater  Under 40 M Christchurch
Ben Sleeman  Under 40 M TBA
Sharon Sloane  50 - 59 F Nelson
Hannah Sloane  Under 40 F Nelson
Lyn Smith  50 - 59 F Nelson
Rebecca Steetskamp  Under 40 F Christchurch
Karen Stilwell  40 - 49 F Nelson
Julian Stilwell  Under 40 M Nelson
Jilly Sunnex  60+ F Christchurch
Reuben Syme  40 - 49 M Ashburton
Mick Tarry  50 - 59 M Ashburton
Julie Tasker  40 - 49 F Nelson
Warwick Taylor  40 - 49 M Christchurch
Pete Thomas  Under 40 M Hokitika
Rod Thompson  50 - 59 M Christchurch
Hilary Totty  Under 40 F Christchurch
Andy Town  50 - 59 M Queenstown
Matty Town  Under 40 M Wanaka
Carolyn Vasta  50 - 59 F Kaikoura
Peter Verstappen  50 - 59 M Nelson
Kate Walcott  40 - 49 F Christchurch
Chris Walmsley  50 - 59 M Rotorua
Michelle Warwick  Under 40 F Christchurch
David Watt  50 - 59 M Christchurch
Janet Watt  40 - 49 F Nelson
Steven West  40 - 49 M Nelson
Tracey Wharehoka  Under 40 F Central City
Lydia Whitley  40 - 49 F Waiuku
Kim Whittall  40 - 49 F Takaka
Sarah Williams  40 - 49 F Waiau
Ian Wilson  60+ M Karaka Bays
Laurie Wilson  50 - 59 F Patumahoe
Anna Woodwiss  40 - 49 F Nelson
Brett Woodwiss  40 - 49 M Nelson
Julie Wotton  40 - 49 F Nelson
Shirley Wynen  40 - 49 F Nelson
Julia Young  40 - 49 F Upper Moutere
Andrew Young  40 - 49 M Upper Moutere
Keri Zino  40 - 49 F Hawarden


Is the race suitable for first-time trail runners?
What about more experienced trail runners?
Are there water stations on the course?

Is the race suitable for first-time trail runners?

Yes it is. The track is undulating with intriguing variations in terrain that will keep you thinking for all 26kms. One thing we are not into is distance markers.  As it is a trail run, it means there is no white line to follow, and therefore you need to keep watch of track signs and markings to stay on the marked track.

For a garmin link of the run by one of the 2013 competitors (thanks Karolyne) visit

What about more experienced trail runners?

Loop the Lake has plenty of opportunities for experienced trail runners to test their mettle or push for a personal best, better still a place on the race record table.

Are there water stations on the course?

There is no provision for a water station on the course, however at the head of the lake there is a free flowing stream, it is at your own risk and it is advisable to check with DOC as to the water quality closer to the event date. There will be water and fresh fruit at the finish.

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