Abel Tasman Coastal Classic

Sat, 13/10/2018 October 13th 2018 Sold out Waitlist is operational

If there's one event to put on the list for the run of a lifetime, it's the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic. 

Come stride into paradise. 

33km Trail Run from Awaroa to Marahau along the renowned Abel Tasman National Park.


25th Year Celebrations



We are super excited to announce that in 2018, the event base for the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic, where Registration and the Prizegiving Dinner Function will be held, will be at Kaiteriteri Beach in the Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve.

Boat transport for all runners will be from Kaiteriteri, making for a relaxed start to the day.

There are a number of accommodation options within the Katieriteri Recreation Reserve of Apartments, Cabins and Tent sites plus many more in the local area.

Check out the Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve HERE

The Abel Tasman Coastal Classic first began in 1994 and quickly became one of New Zealand's most popular Trail Runs.

The reputation of the event, the location and its organisation continues to spread via word of mouth and the event continually sells out each year.

Back in 1994 the event started from Marahau and finished at Totaranui, - meaning a 40km approx distance. Soon after, the event was shortened slightly with a start at Awaroa instead.  Top athletes are among the competitor tally over the years including Scott Molina, Erin Baker, Greg Fraine, Jonathan Wyatt, Tracy Clissold, Michelle Allison, Phil Costley and Rod Dixon (to name drop just a few). Nowadays we also have a strong international feel amidst competitors with runners from places such as Japan, America and Australia coming over to join in the fun.

Those runners lucky enough to have been a part of the first ever Abel Tasman Coastal Classic will most probably vividly recall the lunch they were given that day, as on the boat leg home amidst choppy seas, a fair few scotch eggs came back up to feed the local wildlife below (no wonder the marine reserve seems to be doing so well ....). The last group of competitors and race organisers were left waiting among rocks before having to ditch their boat trip and travel back to Riwaka (where the function was held) over the Takaka Hill via Bus. Elvis was even waiting to entertain guests that evening - but alas, he wasn't the most popular, especially after our Striders flag seemed to mysteriously disappear and has never been seen since.

Entries are limited to 300 and entries received after the 300 limit is reached will be placed on a first come waiting list and processed when a spot becomes available and is confirmed by the competitor.
If the competitor does not wish to take up the waiting list spot then this will be offered to the competitor next on the list and their cheque will be destroyed.

Please note that we do not allow entries to be transferred to other competitors or for future events.
Please refer to our withdrawal policy for more information.

Approximate Distances

Awaroa to Onetahuti (Tonga) Beach 6.4km
Onetahuti Beach to Bark Bay 6.1km
Bark Bay to Torrent Bay 7.7km
Torrent Bay to Marahau 14km

Race Records (Awaroa to marahau)

  Men       Women    
U40 Phil Costley 2.22.09 2002 U40 Eveline Coombe 2.52.49 2001
40-49 Phil Costley 2.22.50 2011 40-49 Carline Thomas 2.52.05 2005
50-59 Gary Dick 2.56.28 2001 50-59 Tereza Zaicek 3.32.58 2012
60+ Norman Carrington 3.17.55 2007 60+ Delphine Gore 3.36.14 2002

course routes

1994 - 1999: Marahau to Totaranui
2000: Marahau to Torrent Bay & Return (Weather contingency course)
2001 - 2003:  Marahau to Awaroa
2004 - 2012: Awaroa to Marahau

2013: Totaranui to Marahau (20th anniversary event)

2014 - 2017: Awaroa to Marahau

race records (marahau to totaranui)

U40 Jonathan Wyatt 2.51.10 1995 U40 Tracey Clissold 3.13.50 1996
40-49 Gary Dick 3.05.35 1996 40-49 Sandra Mewett 3.29.34 1997
50-59 Peter Daly 3.26.49 1997 50-59 Delphine Gore 3.54.53 1995
60+ Len Weldon 4.08.52 1997 60+ Peggy Fletcher 4.50.49 1997

Past Winners

Year Male Winner Time Female Winner Time  
2017 Vajin Armstrong 2.26.26 Sally Gibbs 2.48.37 Awaroa to Marahau
2016 Chris Dunnell 2.34.13 Mel Aitken 2.57.02 Awaroa to Marahau
2015 Chris Dunnell 2.33.24 Lizzie Wesley-Smith 2.57.01 Awaroa to Marahau
2014 David Fitch 2.37.38 Lizzie Wesley-Smith 2.54.50 Awaroa to Marahau
2013 Dave Parson 3.04.01 Kellie Hurring 3.57.29 Totaranui to Marahau
2012 Graeme Taylor 2.27.05 Michelle McAdam 2.58.02 Awaroa to Marahau
2011 Phil Costley 2.22.50 Jackie Mexted 3.03.44 Awaroa to Marahau
2010 Simon Mardon 2.36.20 Jackie Holley 3.14.33 Awaroa to Marahau
2009 Simon Mardon 2.35.13 Fleur Lattimore 3.04.36 Awaroa to Marahau
2008 Phil Costley 2.23.56 Jackie Mexted 3.02.51 Awaroa to Marahau
2007 Simon Mardon 2.41.50 Lucy Cant 3.13.31 Awaroa to Marahau
2006 Rob Howell 2.43.40 Samantha Sigle 2.58.04 Awaroa to Marahau
2005 Philip Causer 2.43.16 Carline Thomas 2.52.05 Awaroa to Marahau
2004 Phil Costley 2.23.01 Nicky Dravitzki 3.09.51 Awaroa to Marahau
2003 Carsten Jorgensen 2.28.06 Carline Macdonald 2.59.00 Marahau to Awaroa
2002 Colin Rolfe 2.43.22 Nicky Cummings 3.21.47 Marahau to Awaroa
2001 Phil Costley 2.22.09 Eveline Coombe 2.52.49 Marahau to Awaroa
2000 Martin Lukes 2.23.07 Eveline Coombe 2.46.43 Marahau to Torrent
Bay & Return
(weather contingency)
1999 Colin Rolfe 3.02.42 Penny Edwards 3.32.03 Marahau to Totaranui
1998 Keith Murray 2.58.33 Andrea Priestley 3.37.39 Marahau to Totaranui
1997 Michael Causer 3.05.49 Andrea Priestley 3.22.50 Marahau to Totaranui
1996 Michael Causer 2.58.35 Tracey Clissold 3.13.50 Marahau to Totaranui
1995 Jonathan Wyatt 2.51.10 Shona Banks 3.45.05 Marahau to Totaranui
1994 John Knight 3.03.33 Andrea Devine 3.29.37 Marahau to Totaranui


25th Year Celebrations


New Base for 2018


We are super excited to announce that in 2018, the event base for the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic, where Registration and the Prizegiving Dinner Function will be held, will be at Kaiteriteri Beach in the Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve.

Boat transport for all runners will be from Kaiteriteri.

Upon disembarking at Awaroa, there will be a mass start and you will begin your epic run in the World Famous Abel Tasman track to the Marahau finish.

PLEASE NOTE: The finish line (Marahau) and the registration area (Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve) is approximately 20mins drive apart from each other.

You can book an event bus to pick you up from the Marahau DOC Carpark (event Finish Area) at 6:30am on event morning.

  • Drive to Marahau Saturday morning (approx 20min drive from Kaiteriteri)
  • Park in the DOC Carpark
  • Catch Event bus to Kaiteriteri
  • Registration (collect race pack and get gear checked)
  • Boat to Start
  • Run the event and finish at Marahau
  • Your car will be at the finish line post run

Bookings for the Bus service is essential, cost is $5 per person.


Entry Fee is $235
Entry fee includes boat transport to Awaroa on race day, lunch and prizegiving dinner function at Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve post event.

This is a running event only. Walkers will not meet the respective cut off times. The Supporters Walk package accommodates walkers.


Minimum Age
The minimum age of competitors is 18 years

As a guide competitors should be adequately trained to complete a marathon event. Putting it politely - it's a run in the park that is equal to a marathon and you need to prepare accordingly. This is not a walking event.
All competitors should be capable of completing a half marathon (road) or equivalent in less than 2hrs 10mins to avoid missing cut-off times at Onetahuiti (Tonga) then at Torrent Bay.If you are unsure of your fitness level, please contact race director Graeme West to discuss (027 247 8880).  Ultimately, we want you to enjoy your day running in the park.




By 6th August 2018 refunded in full less $30 admin fee.

By 7th September 2018  refunded $150 of entry fee

By 30th of September 2018 refunded $100 of entry fee

After 30th of September, no refund applicable.

Please note that we do not allow entries to be transferred to other competitors, or future or other events.


Summary of the Event Day


Please note times are approximate these may change depending on weather/sailing conditions

6:30am DOC Carpark, Marahau Check in for pre-booked optional event bus that takes you from Marahau to Kaiteriteri.
7:00am Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve EVENT BASE Registration opens (race packs given and gear checks done)
7:45am Kaiteriteri Beach Boats begin departing for Awaroa Start Line
9:00-9:15am Awaroa Beach Leave gear bags on beach for their return to Marahau Finish Line
9:15am Awaroa Airstrip Event Briefing
9:30am Awaroa Airstrip Event Start (mass start)
11:55am Marahau Track entrance to Abel Tasman National Park First finisher expected
From 12:00pm Marahau Track entrance to Abel Tasman National Park Finish Aid/ Lunch and Gear Bag collection
4:30pm Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve EVENT BASE Prizegiving Function opens
5:30pm Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve EVENT BASE Prizegiving meal served
6:30pm Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve EVENT BASE Prizegiving

Logistical considerations for 2018


You need to ensure you have your own transport from Marahau (Finish line) back to Kaiteriteri.

If you have a cheer squad coming to see you finish, then they can transport you from the finish to Kaiteriteri for Prizegiving.
If you do not have your own cheer squad, then utilise the bus service to allow you to drop your vehicle off in the morning at Marahau and have your own vehicle available to you at the finish. Bookings for bus can be made below.

Bookings for the Bus service is essential, cost is $5 per person.


To help make your event more enjoyable please note the following:

This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you encompass training on uneven terrain to prepare appropriately and to also familiarise yourself with the process of following trail/track markers.

All competitors must carry the following minimum equipment on them at all times to cover all possible weather conditions:
* Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen), top, hat and gloves
* Windproof parka/jacket
* Survival blanket
* Whistle
* Water carrier (eg camelbak or bottle for filling before leaving the Torrent Bay Aid station)

You will have a gear check prior to the start and there are also gear checks on route.
No Gear - No Start (simple as that).

This is for your safety. The organisers reserve the right to carry out random gear checks along the course and at the Marahau finish line - failure to have all compulsory gear will mean disqualification (including performance and spot prizes) and immediate withdrawal possibly incurring additional transport costs.

Please note that for safety reasons use of ipod, mp3 player, Walkman or similar is not permitted. Enjoy the surroundings of the Abel Tasman National Park - the sounds are worth listening to as you enjoy your event.

Please note that all competitors compete at their own risk and the Organising Committee will accept no liability for any mishap or injury or loss/damage to personal property during the event.

In the event of unfavourable weather and track condition, the Organising Committee reserves the right to substitute an alternative run.

For further information on the Abel Tasman Coast Track - visit the DOC website

Please be familiar with the information supplied on this page and in the newsletter sent prior to the event (sent via email in the week prior to the event)

On the Day


7.00am to 7.45am
You will need to provide your race registration certificate (emailed in the week prior to the event) and photo ID to uplift your race pack.

Once you have registered you will make your way through the gear check station and then to the boat loading area (following instructions from our crew).

Please note that you may get wet feet when boarding and exiting the vessels.

Race Start
The exact start time cannot be given as it depends on weather and water conditions as to how long the boat journey takes. However, it will be roughly around 9:30am.

Once we have arrived at Awaroa there will be spot gear checks on the beachfront before making your way to the startline.

You will have time to use the toilets if needed, however, we suggest you try to go at least once whilst on the boats on the journey down to avoid congestion at the Awaroa facilities.

Gear Bags need to be left on the beach - liase with Nelson Events crew upon arrival as these need to be loaded onto the dedicated return vessel. 

Please await instructions from the Nelson Events crew before leaving the Awaroa beachfront.

Didymo - Stop the Spread
Didymo is an algae made up of cells that cannot be seen with the naked eye until large colonies form. It only takes one of these cells to survive and be transported to a nearby waterway for Didymo to spread. Didymo cells thrive in freshwater and if you are cleaning with freshwater you are helping to keep them alive. Didymo is an unwatned organism under the Biosecurity Act 1993. To help keep the Abel Tasman National Park beautiful and pristine, please help to ensure you do not unwittingly help in the spread of didymo to this area.
Please clean your shoes prior to arriving in the Abel Tasman National Park with hot, soapy water. For more information please visit

Aid Stations
Aid Stations are operated by NBS Strider Hands, Motueka Round Table members and Motueka Search and Rescue will be positioned at Onetahuti (Tonga), Bark and Torrent Bays.

There are three aid stations in total - the first at Tonga (Onetahuti), second at Bark Bay and the third at Torrent Bay. Water (cup only) will be available at Tonga and Bark Bay aid stations. You can refill your water bottles/camelbaks at Torrent Bay aid station. Special drinks will not be catered for.

Bananas and jet planes will be supplied at Bark Bay and Torrent Bay.

Please ensure you leave any water cups at the aid station - this is a National Park and therefore if you take a water cup with you, then you need to carry it with you to the finish. No rubbish is to be left along the track - a pack in, pack out policy applies.

All food/supplement wrappers etc must be numbered to comply with the track's pack-in pack-out rubbish policy. Please number these prior to boarding the boat at Marahau.

Any medical conditions should be advised in writing at entry point, noted on your Event Registration Certificate, and also noted on the back of your race number (marker pens are available at Event Registration for this purpose)

Those who suffer adverse effects from wasp stings etc are reminded to carry appropriate medication and advise the organisers. Emergency medication to be carried by the competitor at all times.

Injured Competitors
Please notify the next checkpoint of any injured competitors and note approximate point on track. Please stay with the injured person if necessary and get the next competitor to notify officials.

Withdrawals during the event
Participants who choose to withdraw during the event may be liable for additional transport costs to uplift them from the track.

Course and Km Markers
Don't look for km markers - this is off-road.

ATCC Profile

At all times stay on the High Tide Track.

For a Track Map and general info, including a course profile on the great Abel Tasman Coast Track, visit the DOC website

Faster runner to call 'coming through' and slower runner to step to inside (landward side) of track.

Falls River Bridge
The Falls River Bridge has a loading restriction of 5 persons - please observe this for your own safety. Any groups approaching this bridge together must regroup after crossing to ensure it is not used to create an unfair advantage for any competitor/s.

Track Users
There are likely to be other users on the track - please respect them.

Competitors warmup clothing will be transported back from Awaroa to the Finish Area. Please keep this to a minimum. You will be given a bag label in your race pack - please secure this around your bag to aid identification at Marahau (you are only able to uplift this by showing your official race number to our crew).  Liase with Nelson Events Crew on the Awaroa beachfront as to where to leave this.

The Finish
The finish is situated at the end of the track (approximately 1km from the Marahau Outdoor Education Centre). There will be water and fresh fruit available for finishers. Please note that toilets are located in the carpark. Cell phone coverage is limited in the Marahau area.
There are no shower facilities at Marahau.

Your packed lunch will be waiting for you at the finish. Note you will need to show your race number to uplift this.

Post Event Massage
MiMassage will be at the finish area post-run for post race massage. So bring some spare $$$.

The event prizegiving function will open at 4.30pm in the marquee followed by Prizegiving. You will be issued with a 'dinner' ticket which you will be required to present. No ticket = no entry, no dinner.  Meals will be served from 5.30pm until 6.15pm.

A bar will be available to purchase beverages including our local favourite Hope Federation (cash only).

We anticipate prizegiving starting at 6.30pm (earlier if possible).

Performance and spot prizes will be awarded in all age groups. (First only less than 7 entries, 2nd less than 10, 3rd if 10 or more). Under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.
There is also a fantastic spot prize pool, however, to be eligible winners must be at the prizegiving function.



Supporters Walk Package


Supporters Package is $155 per person

We would love to see your supporterd enjoy their day in the park too!

Check in and departure is from MARAHAU Outdoor Education Centre

Check in is 9:00am

Must be booked by August 6th
Take a scenic cruise from Marahau to Torrent Bay, then walk back to the finish - approx 3 hours - 12.8km (giving the competitors plenty of space to pass you as they come through).
Please note that you will need to carry your own drink with you on the track and to take suitable clothing with you to prepare for changing weather conditions. Please also note that you may get wet feet when boarding and disembarking the boat.
Lunch is available at Marahau when you finish your walk.
The package includes your boat trip, lunch and then the prizegiving dinner.

Merchandise - must be pre-Ordered


This year we have available the following times, order when you enter online or by emailing us

Event T-Shirts
Mens and Womens fit (S, M, L, XL, XXL or 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18) --  $45
White Latitude Tee with logo below featured on the front (Quick dry moisture wicking sports fabric)

Event Running and Trucker Caps

One size fits all $25 each

Long Sleeve T-shirts

High quality cotton long sleeve tee in dark grey

Mens and Womens fit (S, M, L, XL, XXL or 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18) -- $50 each

Event Hoodies

Great mid level warmth item in black with red under trim

Mens and Womens fit (S, M, L, XL, XXL or 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18) -- $100 each

Survival Compact First Aid Kit - $15 -

150x90x25mm, 80gm, in a ziplock bag, contains alcohol wipes, antiseptic wipes, content list, non-adherent dressing (sm), plasters (washable), plaster fabric strip 100mm, safety pins, survival blanket with instructions, tri-angular bandage

Survival Compact First Aid Kit with Whistle - $20 -


2018 edition Sold Out


The Waitlist is now operational


Entry to 2018 Abel Tasman Coastal Classic

Kiwi Multisport, in association with CEP New Zealand, are offering 1 lucky male and 1 lucky female entrant the chance to win a pair of Red/Green CEP Ultralight Run Socks valued at $94.95

To win all you have to do is enter into the 2018 Abel Tasman Coastal Classic, and like both Kiwi Multisport and CEP New Zealand's Facebook pages.

Entries will be randomly drawn at 6pm on the 29th March.


Logistical considerations for 2018

You need to ensure you have your own transport from Marahau (Finish line) back to Kaiteriteri.

If you have a cheer squad coming to see you finish, then they can transport you from the finish to Kaiteriteri for Prizegiving.
If you do not have your own cheer squad, then utilise the bus service to allow you to drop your vehicle off in the morning at Marahau and have your own vehicle available to you at the finish. Bookings for bus can be made below.

Bookings for the Bus service is essential, cost is $5 per person and can be arranged through the online and paper entry.






Download entry form

Training Plan based on a 30-40k Off Road Distance

You should be able to run for 2 hours comfortably, and be running 5 hours a week before starting this schedule.  Ten weeks from event day is week beginning July 22

Martin Lukes' 10 week training plan

This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you incorporate off road running into your training.

Remember to train with the nutrition you plan to use on event day - see below for some helpful tips from our official nutrition event sponsor:

A word from Rachael at Hammer Nutrition
Longer distance runners often train really diligently but are let down by missing just a few key basics of nutrition. Or the plan they used for a 2 hour race simply won't see them through those longer events in good shape. Even if you are an experienced ultra runner, there are probably a few simple changes you can make to your nutrition plan in training and on race day that will improve your race day experience.

Most people seem to be able to comfortably consume and absorb 300-500ml fluid per hour. Runners of smaller stature need less than larger athletes, and weather conditions are also an important factor. The longer we go, the less forgiving the body is if we get our fluid intake wrong, and I’m sure most of us have experienced dehydration and the nasty feeling that goes with it, at some stage in our athletic endeavours. That said, it is also important not to consume too much fluid as this can be equally as dangerous. In most usual NZ weather conditions, consuming more than 750ml per hour should NOT be necessary. Its not only important how much fluid we consume, but also what it is that we are consuming. We strongly  recommend that you have fluid that doesn’t contain calories eg water with 1-2 Endurolytes Fizz per 750ml, as often your stomach will need a rest from calories but still needs to keep the fluids coming in. If you have sports drink mixed into your fluids, then you are unable to do this. If you like your water unflavoured, then use plain water and a couple of Endurolyte capsules per hour.

We recommend Perpetuem as the main fuel of choice for endurance events where the heart rate is mostly expected to be below 75% MRH and run time will exceed 3 hours. And while you need to experiment in training, we find most people only need ½ - 1 scoops or 1-3 Perpetuem Solids per hour to fulfil ALL their calorie needs.

Perpetuem differs from the traditional gels and sports drink in that it contains a little protein which helps reduce muscle soreness, and a little fat, which will help you to feel full. It is an economical option for fueling, both in terms of cost and weight that needs to be carried - your fuel for most events will fit into a couple of flasks carried in your pocket. But don't then start adding in bars, bananas, fruit cake etc or you will find yourself well and truly overfed. If you prefer to use gels then 1-3 per hour, depending on your size should be sufficient.

We strongly recommend that you stay away from products that contain a lot of simple sugar ie those ending in –ose: sucrose, fructose, glucose. In simple terms, we can consume them faster than we can absorb them and their use increases your chance of the dreaded stomach distress. Its like trying to run after eating a couple of bars of chocolate! Sugars will also give you highs and lows, not something you want during an endurance event. If you are going to hit the trusty coke in the last hour or so of your event, then make sure you have practised this in training, and don’t consume too much!

Electrolytes and Cramping
Cramp seems to be the biggest limiting factor for many athletes. It is incredibly frustrating if you have trained well, are primed for a great race, then it all falls apart. So what can you do to minimise the chances of cramp? It’s an article all on its own but here are a few pointers to start with.

•  Correct fluid intake. See above.

•  Specificity of training. If you usually train at x intensity then come race day you are running at y intensity then chances are you going to have some issues. Include some intensity in your training that simulates what you experience in racing. Make sure that your training terrain replicates as best as possible what you will experience on race day. Doing all your training on road, then doing an event that’s off road is likely to be asking for trouble.

• Correct caloric intake. See above.

Insufficient electrolytes. Electrolyte requirements differ significantly between individuals so it can be tricky to judge. We recommend taking a couple of Endurolytes per hour or put an Endurolytes Fizz in each water bottle. Always carry extra Endurolyte capsules on long training sessions and during races.

Too much simple sugar. See above.

Keep your muscles in good order. Knots in calves and tight quads aren't going to help you not to cramp. Find yourself a good massage therapist and treat those legs to a rub, or do them yourself.

If you aren't sure how much you should be using of what, or which products would be best, send me (Rachael) an email, including your weight and ballpark time (this just tells how hard you are likely to be running) and we'll send you a suggested fuel plan.
Phone Toll Free 0508 284 538 or 0274 95 95 95*

Recommended Accommodation Provider:


• Registration and Prizegiving in 2018 will be based at Kaiteriteri Recreational Reserve. This special part of Nelson is where the boats will launch to send you into the National Park to start your adventure

• Kaiteriteri Recreational Reserve are offering a super deal on accommodation (camp sites, cabins and apartments) for participants and family of participants at this years Abel Tasman Coastal Classic

• The offer is a 25% discount for the event weekend

• Booking is essential
• Check out their facilities at Experience Kaiteriteri

Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve

Phone: 03 5278010

For all your travel and accommodation needs contact Andrea at WildSide

PO Box 135
Motueka 7120
Ph: 0800 874 748    

Information Site for the Nelson/Tasman Area

Travel Time Guides and Charter Operators


Travelling from the North Island?


Coming from across the Strait?
Then check out the Interislander Group rates below
Nelson Events 2018

Booking Reference:        GM5605

The below rates are based on return travel, prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability.

Fares:                        Off Peak Each Way
Adult                                     $47.00
Premium Lounge                     $55.00  18yrs plus
Child                                      $25.00
Car/Ute/4x4/Trailer up to 5.5    $124.00 each
Additional half Metre                $20.00
Campervan up to 5.5               $145.00
Additional half Metre                $37.00
Motor Bikes                             $40.00
Kayaks & Bikes                        $15.00 each
Pushbikes                               $15.00 each

Off Peak Dates:
01 March – 28 March 2018
04 April – 18 December 18

Fares:                        Peak Each Way
Adult                                       $52.00
Premium Lounge                      $55.00  18yrs plus
Child                                       $25.00
Car/Ute/4x4/Trailer up to 5.5    $137.00 each
Additional half Metre                $22.00
Campervan up to 5.5                $170.00
Additional half Metre                $42.00
Motor Bikes                             $50.00
Kayaks & Bikes                        $15.00 each
Pushbikes                                $15.00 each
Peak Dates:
01-28 February 18
28 March -03 April 18

Group Booking conditions and instructions for members are:

Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander –
    Online at
Putting GM5605 into the Discount Code box.
•    Every reservation will be given an expiry/payment date, required to be paid in full by that date.
•    Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request.
•    90% refundable if cancelled prior to final check in time – no refund if cancelled after.
•    Email confirmation of event entry to be shown at check in – otherwise full retail fares will be charged.

FARES ARE VALID FROM 01 Feb through to 18 Dec 2018


2018 Competitor List

Please let us know if you have not being receiving our pre-event emailers as these have important event information in them
Emails sent thus far:
Entry confirmation
(sent upon entry)

Pre Event Emailer #1 - Sent 17/05/18

Pre Event Emailer #2 - Sent 3/08/18

Pre Event Emailer #3 - Sent 5/09/18


Please note that this list is not complete and will be updated regularly (it is manually uploaded so takes a bit of time)

Last update 16th Sept 2018

Also - if you entered more than one person with the same email address, only one email is sent by the system to any email address, ie if two people are registered with the same email address, only one email will be sent (and addressed to one person only, with their event information) - unfortunately this is not something we can change.  If you would like to receive one personalised to you, please provide a different email address to us and we can amend.  Email your full name and the email address to


Robbie Aitken M U40 Auckland
Craig Anderson M 40 - 49 Dunedin
Wanphen Anderson F 40 - 49 Dunedin
Les Andrews M 60+ Sydney
Megan Andrews F 50 - 59 Christchurch
Nick Anticich M 40 - 49 Nelson
Simon Ashby M U40 Nelson
Leanne Asher F 50 - 59 Lower Hutt
Brian Astridge M 40 - 49 Auckland
Colleen Ayling F 50 - 59 Christchurch
Barry Ayling M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Irina Baimatova F U40 Wellington
Shaw Baker M U40 Christchurch
Jacqueline Barber F U40 Wellington
Anne Bardsley F 50 - 59 Auckland
Geoff Barnes M 50 - 59 Te Anau
Rich Barter M 40 - 49 Rotorua
Paul Barton M 40 - 49 Wellington
Gregory Bassam M U40 tauranga
Karen Batchelor F 50 - 59 Canterbury
Kate Baxter F U40 Queenstown
Andrew Bennett M 50 - 59 Lower Hutt
Blair Bermingham M 60+ Dunedin
Theresa Bidwell F 40 - 49 Auckland
Paulette Birchfield F 40 - 49 Greymouth
John Birkett M 40 - 49 Havelock North
Lisa Birkett F 40 - 49 Havelock North
Annabel Black F 40 - 49 Nelson
Amy Blair F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Hugh Blake-Manson M 40 - 49 Lyttelton
Lyndal Blatch F U40 Arrowtown
Den Blythin M 50 - 59 Sydney
Sean Bolton M U40 Wellington
David Bond M 50 - 59 Blenheim
Jason Borrie M 40 - 49 Naremburn
Dan Boulton M U40 Auckland
Kane Boulton M U40 Napier
Tom Bowen M 40 - 49 Porirua
Shane Bowling M U40 Waikato
Keith Bowness M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Oliver Bradshaw M U40 Auckland
Annabell Bramwell F U40 Canterbury
Natalie Brown F U40 Wellington
Blair Brown M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Tania Burden F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Robyn Bussey F U40 Addington
Ian Buunk M U40 Blenheim
Lockie Campbell M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Gordon Campbell M 40 - 49 Sydney
Sally Campbell F U40 Sydney
Dave Candy M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Anne Carrington F U40 Auckland
Nick Carter M 50 - 59 christchurch
Rebecca Cash F 40 - 49 Sydney, NSW, Aust
Cindy Chambers F U40 Tasman
Sue Chappell F 60+ Christchurch
Amanda Chen F U40 Lower Hutt
Annabelle Clark F U40 Christchurch
Adrian Clenshaw M 40 - 49 Fernside
Sam Clouston M U40 Blenheim
Adrienne Cody F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Jon Cole M U40 Christchurch
Erin Coleman F U40 Christchurch
Steven Comber M 40 - 49 Auckland
Matthew Compton M U40 Palmerston North
Ingrid Cooper F U40 Christchurch
Alicia Cowey F 40 - 49 Rangiora
Amy Cunningham F U40 Auckland
Charlotte Daker F U40 Christchurch
Karen Dalley F 40 - 49 Wellington
Robyn Daly F 50 - 59 Christchurch
Lee Davidson F 50 - 59 Lower Hutt
Helen Davidson F 40 - 49 Lower Hutt
Ed Davies M U40 Queenstown
Kevin Davis M 40 - 49 Sydney
Scott Davison M U40 Diamond Harbour
Emma Dent F U40 wellington
Leanna Dey F 40 - 49 Porirua
Sam Dickie M 40 - 49 Aucland
Mark Dillon M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Lexi Dillon F U40 Waiuku
Tom Dillon M U40 Waiuku
Caroline Donaldson F U40 auckland
Damienne Donaldson F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Matthew Doolan M 40 - 49 Wellington
Nicole Doolan F 40 - 49 Wellington
Georgina Dudley F U40 Sydney
Chris Dunell M U40 Christchurch
Martin Durney M U40 Christchurch
Adam Edgar M U40 Auckland
Hadley Edwards M U40 Ashburton
Christine Egarr F U40 New Plymouth
Gareth Ellis M 50 - 59 Wellington
Arron Emmerson M 40 - 49 Timaru
Charlotte Ensor F 40 - 49 Cashmere
Gabbie Ernst F U40 Queenstown
Phillip Everest M 50 - 59 Ashburton
Hamish Fairbairn M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Janne Falkner F 60+ Murchison
Shane Fellowes M 40 - 49 Canterbury
Ineke Fergusson F U40 Christchurch
Anthony Fesche M 40 - 49 Hope
Kristina Finch F U40 Auckland
David Finlay M U40 Rotorua
Craig Fleming M 50 - 59 Ashburton
Huw Fletcher M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Mark Ford M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Keryn Ford F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Shirley Fotheringham F 50 - 59 Feilding
Claire Fox F 40 - 49 Auckland
Glen Friery M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Naomi Fuller F 50 - 59 Christchurch
Michelle Furlotte F 40 - 49 Sydney
Tania Gardner F 40 - 49 Nelson
Chris Garr M 60+ Wellington
Chris Gates M 50 - 59 Nelson
Nigel Gilkison M 50 - 59 Lumsden
Max Glossop M U40 Nelson
Darryn Gordon M U40 Greytown
Cearan Graham M 40 - 49 Porirua
Adrian Graham M 40 - 49 Wellington
Pamela Graham F 60+ Wellington
Michael Gray M U40 Christchurch
Richard Green M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Dee Guthrie F U40 Kaikoura
Jane Halsted F 40 - 49 Auckland
Ali Hamilton F U40 Wellington
Jessica Hamilton F U40 Queenstown
Jo Harding F 40 - 49 Wellington
Cam Harding M 40 - 49 Wellington
Kay Harris F U40 Sydney
Sonia Harvey F 50 - 59 Castor Bay
Sherry Harvey F U40 Christchurch
Josh Hastie M U40 Christchurch
David Hawes M 60+ Christchurch
Quinn Hawkins M 40 - 49 Mt Maunganui
Patricia Hayden-Payne F 50 - 59 N/A
Carmen Hazlett F 40 - 49 Invercargill
Phil Heffernan M U40 Canterbury
Chris Henderson M U40 Christchurch
Mark Henwood M U40 Christchurch
Sam Herring M U40 Auckland
Libby Hilder F 50 - 59 Christchurch
Dawn Hillier F 40 - 49 Sydney
Peter Hilling M 60+ Invercargill
Simon Hoar M U40 Wellington
Jenny Hoffmann F 60+ Oxford
Dahna Hunter F U40 Queenstown
Steve Hussey M 50 - 59 Stoke
Robyn Hyde F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Kent Inglis M 40 - 49 Nelson
Lynn Irving F 40 - 49 Westport
James Ivey M 40 - 49 Wellington
Shaun Iwikau M U40 Auckland
Monique Jackson F U40 Waikato
Natalie Jakobs F U40 Queenstown
Kathryn Jennings F U40 Nelson
Angus Jennings M U40 Nelson
Nic John M 40 - 49 Nelson
Nathan Jones M 40 - 49 Canterbury
Tess Joubert F 50 - 59 Glenquarry
Eugene Joubert M 50 - 59 Glenquarry
Darryl Joyce M 50 - 59 Wellington
Graeme Judkins M 60+ Christchurch
Patrick Keegan M U40 Canterbury
Lucy Keenan F U40 Auckland
Richard Keene M 60+ Auckland
Bin Kennedy F 40 - 49 Kaikoura
Jeremy Kennerley M 50 - 59 Miramar, Wellington
Nigel Kirk M 40 - 49 Wellington
Gilly Kitto F U40 Oxford
Trevor Kitto M U40 Oxford
Jo Kneebone F 50 - 59 Sydney
Rose Kyle F U40 Wellington
Willem Lampe M U40 Picton
Vickianne Lane F 50 - 59 Sydney
Graeme Lear M 60+ Havelock RD1
Christine Lear F 50 - 59 Havelock
Anthea Lees F 40 - 49 Nelson
Vicki Lees F 50 - 59 Auckland
Campbell Letts M U40 Christchurch
Kieron Letts M 60+ AUSTRALIA
Alison Letts F 50 - 59 AUSTRALIA
Katy Loader F U40 Queenstown
Kate Lodge F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Kirsten Lodge F 40 - 49 Sydney
Ross Loffhagen M 60+ Rangiora
Kerri Loughhead F U40 Christchurch
Dale Loughhead M U40 Christchurch
Greg Lynch M 50 - 59 Wellington
Michael MacAskill M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Andy Macfarlane M 60+ Ashburton
Tim Mackay M U40 Richmond
Don MacKenzie M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Jane Macleod F 40 - 49 Taupo
Scott Macmorland M U40 Auckland
Shailesh Manga M 40 - 49 Auckland
Billie Marshall F 50 - 59 Wellington
Nick Marshall M U40 Auckland
Vidya Mathavan F U40 Hamilton
Penny Matkin-Hussey F 40 - 49 Queensland
Alex Matkin-Hussey M U40 VIC
Zoe Matthews F U40 Manawatu-Wanganui
Brion Matthews M U40 Christchurch
David Mavor M 50 - 59 Ashburton
Derek Mc goldrick M U40 Petone
Charmaine Mcara F 40 - 49 Wellington
Steven McClory M U40 Auckland
Megan McCrostie F U40 Queenstown
Rob McCrudden M 50 - 59 Wellington
Daniel McDonald M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Richard McGill M U40 Christchurch
Heather McGill F U40 Christchurch
Tony McGuire M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Julia McIlraith F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Madeleine McIntosh F 50 - 59 Christchurch
Richard McIntosh M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Brad McIntosh M U40 Prebbleton
Michaela McIntosh F U40 Prebbleton
Lucy Mcleod F 40 - 49 Taupo
Ryan McMaster M U40 Featherston
Dylan McNeice M U40 Canterbury
Rebecca McQuoid F U40 Auckland
Bill Mcsweeney M 60+ christchurch
Honey Meares F U40 Nelson
Rosie Mercer F U40 Glendowie
Andrew Mercer M U40 Glendowie
Nick Mereu M U40 Wellington
Anita Metzler F U40 Auckland
John Michael M 40 - 49 Dunsandel Rd 2
Peter Mitchell M 50 - 59 Otago
Christina Mitchell F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Rebecca Moore F 40 - 49 Murchison
Ruby Morgan F U40 Auckland
Mike Morrison M U40 Canterbury
Ariel Muller F 50 - 59 Singapore
Jo Munn F 50 - 59 Waikato
Amanda Munting-Kilworth F 40 - 49 Tasman
Joe Murphy M 40 - 49 Wellington
James Murphy M U40 Christchurch
Nicole Joy Murphy F U40 Christchurch
Abigail Neave F U40 Christchurch
Craig Neil M 50 - 59 Wellington
Martin Newcombe M 40 - 49 AUSTRALIA
Tanya Nicholls-Dillon F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Riley O’Connor M U40 Motueka
Joanna O'Brien F 40 - 49 Prebbleton
Karen Ogilvie F 50 - 59 Auckland
Clare O'Hagan F U40 Christchurch
Mark Oldfield M U40 Wellington
Jo ONeill F 40 - 49 Fairlie
Mel Orange M 50 - 59 Chirstchurch
Catherine O'Shaughnessy F 40 - 49 Wellington
Anna O'Steen F U40 Rangiora
Sacha Oudyn M 40 - 49 Auckland
Chanelle Owen F U40 Auckland
Jo Painter F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Sari Panther F U40 Christchurch
Bridget Parfitt F U40 Rangiora
Shand Park M 40 - 49 Tauranga
Stephen Parsons M 60+ Christchurch
Clare Pate F U40 RD4 Lincoln
Hamish Pattison M U40 Auckland
Tracey Payne F U40 Timaru
Owen Payne M U40 Timaru
Claire Pendlebury F 50 - 59 Stoke, Nelson
Mark Pfeifer M 60+ Christchurch
Scott Phillips M U40 Richmond
Lara Phillips F U40 Auckland
Gael Pilkington F 40 - 49 christchurch
Kirsten Podmore F U40 Wellington
Kay Poletto F 60+ Sydney
Justin Powell M 40 - 49 Motueka
Simon Prangell M U40 Christchurch
Susan Prater F 50 - 59 Auckland
Nigel Price M U40 Darlinghurst, NSW
Greg Puttick M 60+ Sydney
Michael Quested M 50 - 59 Christchurch
Will Reeve M U40 Christchurch
Brad Richards M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Andrea Richardson F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Shaun Richardson M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Mike Richardson M 50 - 59 Christchurch
David Riddell M 60+ Nelson
Chris Ridyard M 40 - 49 Richmond
Anne-Louise Robertson F 50 - 59 Waikato
Mike Robins M U40 Christchurch
Jane Robins F 40 - 49 Kirwee
Alicia Rosevear F U40 Wellington
Lorraine Rouse F 50 - 59 Christchurch
David Rusbatch M U40 Christchurch
Megan Ryan F U40 Christchurch
Kerstin Sandford F U40 Christchurch
Jon Saunders M 40 - 49 Wellington
Jeremy Savage M 40 - 49 ashburton
Jon Schicker M 40 - 49 Wellingto
Graeme Sellars M 60+ Nelson
Caroline Sewell F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Philip Shambrook M 60+ Havelock North
Louise Shambrook F 50 - 59 Havelock North
Matthew Shea M 40 - 49 Nelson
Linkon Shearer M U40 Motueka
Sam Sheffield M U40 Auckland
Fraser Shepherd M 40 - 49 Sydney, NSW, Aust
Stephen Silk M 50 - 59 Lower Hutt
Jayson Simpson M 40 - 49 Wellington
Jonathan Simpson M U40 Auckland
Angus Simpson M U40 Auckland
Jamie Sinclair M 40 - 49 Napier
Regan Sinclair M U40 nelson
Curtis Sinclair M U40 nelson
Morgan Slyfield M 40 - 49 Wellington
Richard Smith M 40 - 49 Invercargill
Monique Smith F 40 - 49 Invercargill
Paula Smith F 50 - 59 Christchurch
Brett Smith M U40 Nelson
Harry Smith M U40 Auckland
Jessica Southall F U40 Rolleston
Ben Squires M U40 Christchurch
Jamie Stableford M 40 - 49 Waipukurau
Jonathan Standen M U40 Lower Hutt
Mark Stewart M 40 - 49 Auckland
Jono Streat M 40 - 49 Wellington
Mary Stringer F 60+ Sydney
Ray Struthers M 50 - 59 Hokitika
Vic Struthers F 40 - 49 Blenheim
James Suter M U40 Auckland
Kat Swart F U40 Christchurch
Reuben Syme M 40 - 49 Ashburton
Nicola Symonds F 50 - 59 Nelson
Milan Talley M U40 Motueka
Georgina Taylor F U40 Blenheim
Byron Taylor M 40 - 49 Blenheim
Hayden Taylor M U40 Nelson
Sam Ter Haar M U40 Auckland
Jamie Thirkettle M 40 - 49 Nelson
Lisa Thompson F 50 - 59 Dunedin
Kirsten Thorp F 40 - 49 NElson
Alice Tocher F U40 Ingelwood
Sam Tolra M U40 Christchurch
Steve Toms M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Callan Tucker M U40 Christchurch
Shane Turk M 40 - 49 wellington
Krissy Ukena F U40 Sydney
Yuri Van den Bongard M U40 Wellington
Saskia Van der Geest F 40 - 49 Arrowtown
David` Van der Zouwe M 40 - 49 Wellington
Richard Van Wynbergen M 50 - 59 Canterbury
Ian Vanstone M 40 - 49 Wellington
Tony Verdonk M 50 - 59 nelson
Rachael Verry F 50 - 59 Napier
FLAVIO VIANNA M U40 Canterbury
Victoria Vianna F U40 Christchurch
Gary Walker M 40 - 49 Richmond
Lynda Watson F 50 - 59 Hokitika
Antony Watson M U40 Christchurch
Danielle Watson F U40 Auckland
Greg Webster M U40 Oamaru
Declan Weir M U40 Auckland
Charlotte West F U40 Napier
Andrew Whisker M 50 - 59 Auckland
Jackie White F 40 - 49 Christchurch
Kate Wholohan F 40 - 49 Sydney
Donna Wilkins F 40 - 49 Gore
Graham Williams M 60+ collingwood
Roger Windle M 50 - 59 Auckland
JP Wolfenden M 40 - 49 Christchurch
Simon Wooding M U40 Canterbury
Mike Wootton M U40 Nelson
Sheryl Wright F 50 - 59 Dunedin
Angus Wright M 40 - 49 Sydney
Kirsten Wright F U40 Christchurch
Chris Wylie M 50 - 59 Ashburton
Kayo Yamazaki F U40 Wellington
Ai Yanagida F U40 Nelson
Penny Ydgren F U40 Auckland
Niel Zandberg M U40 Wellington





2017 Overall Age Group Awaroa to Marahau
(airstrip, awaroa lodge track start)
2016 Overall Age Group Awaroa to Marahau
2015 Overall Age Group Awaroa to Marahau
2014 Overall Age Group Awaroa to Marahau
2013 Overall Age Group Totaranui to Marahau
2012 Overall Age Group Awaroa to Marahau
2011 Overall Age Group Awaroa to Marahau
2010 Overall Age Group Awaroa to Marahau
2009 2009   Awaroa to Marahau
2008 2008   Awaroa to Marahau
2007 2007   Awaroa to Marahau
2006 2006   Awaroa to Marahau
2005 2005   Awaroa to Marahau
2004 2004   Awaroa to Marahau
2003 2003   Marahau to Awaroa
2002 2002   Marahau to Awaroa
2001 2001   Marahau to Awaroa
2000 2000   Marahau to Torrent Bay & Return
(Weather contingency course)
1999 1999   Marahau to Totaranui
1998 1998   Marahau to Totaranui
1997 1997   Marahau to Totaranui
1996 1996   Marahau to Totaranui
1995 1995   Marahau to Totaranui
1994 1994   Marahau to Totaranui


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