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This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you encompass training on uneven terrain to prepare appropriately and to also familiarise yourself with the process of following trail/track markers.

Didymo - Stop the Spread

Didymo is an algae made up of cells that cannot be seen with the naked eye until large colonies form. It only takes one of these cells to survive and be transported to a nearby waterway for Didymo to spread. Didymo cells thrive in freshwater and if you are cleaning with freshwater you are helping to keep them alive. Didymo is an unwatned organism under the Biosecurity Act 1993. To help keep this area beautiful and pristine, please help to ensure you do not unwittingly help in the spread of didymo to this area.

Please clean your shoes prior to arriving in the area with hot, soapy water. For more information please visit



In our Trail Events (Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake, Captain Cook’s Landing, Dun Run, Abel Tasman Coastal Classic) all competitors must carry the following minimum equipment on them at all times to cover all possible weather conditions:

  • Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen), top, hat and gloves
  • Windproof parka/jacket
  • Survival blanket
  • Whistle
  • Water carrier (if applicable)

You will have a gear check prior to the start and there may also be gear checks on route.

No Gear – No Start (simple as that).

This is for your safety. The organisers reserve the right to carry out random gear checks along the course and at the finish line – failure to have all compulsory gear will mean disqualification (including performance and spot prizes) and immediate withdrawal possibly incurring additional transport costs.

Please note that for safety reasons use of ipod, mp3 player, Walkman or similar is not permitted. Enjoy your surroundings – the sounds are worth listening to as you enjoy your event.

Please note that all competitors compete at their own risk and the Organising Committee will accept no liability for any mishap or injury or loss/damage to personal property during the event.

In the event of unfavourable weather and track conditions, the Organising Committee reserves the right to substitute an alternative course.

Please be familiar with the information supplied on this page and in the pre-event emailers sent out before the event.

Race Number

Race number must be worn on your chest and be clearly visible at all times.

Please ensure your race number is visible at all times –as there are a number of checkpoints that you will pass through on the track.

It is imperative that your number is recorded at each of these checkpoints. If a crew member cannot see your race number, they have the authority to stop you from continuing until this is in full view.


Any medical conditions should be advised in writing at entry point, noted on your Event Registration Certificate, and also noted on the back of your race number (marker pens are available at Event Registration for this purpose).

Those who suffer adverse effects from wasp stings etc are reminded to carry appropriate medication and advise the organisers.

Emergency medication to be carried by the competitor at all times.




Faster runner to call ‘passing’ and slower runner to step to inside (landward side) of track.

Injured Competitors

Please notify the next checkpoint of any injured competitors and note approximate point on track. Please stay with the injured person if necessary and get the next competitor to notify officials.

Withdrawals during the event

Participants who choose to withdraw during the event may be liable for additional transport costs to uplift them from the track.

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