Terms and Conditions of Entry

I agree to abide by the rules of this event. I certify that I am in good physical health and I agree that I enter this event entirely at my own risk. I hereby waive all claims against the event organisers, their officers, volunteers, employees, sponsors or any other party associated with the event of any liability, financial or otherwise, arising out of negligence or otherwise for any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained by myself from any intended or actual participation in this event or associated activities. I also permit the use of my name, voice or picture in any broadcast, advertising or promotion of this event. I am aware that the Organising Committee reserves the right to substitute an alternative run in the event of unfavourable weather and/or track condition.

Race Rules
Each race has its own individual rules, the majority of these are generalised below. Please see respective event page also.
Start Times
For races that have differing start packs, these will be staggered according to your honest road half marathon estimate that you put down on your entry form. This is so that you start in a group with people of the same ability, and for a number of events this is imperative as you will need to be crossing inlets in time for tide changes, or pass safety checkpoints by our cut off times.
These start times will be advised via email approximately one week prior to the event or in some cases listed on the competitor list of the individual race.
The use of ipod, mp3 players, walkman or similar is not permitted at any of our events. Enjoy the company of those around you and your surroundings.
For our trail running series, all competitors must carry the following minimum equipment on them at all times to cover all possible weather condition:
* Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen), top, hat and gloves
* Windproof parka/jacket
* Whistle
* Survival blanket
There are gear checks prior to the start of our events and random checks along the course as well as at the finish line. We have a simple rule - No Gear - No Start. We have this rule to ensure safety of all competitors.
We ask that all food/supplement wrappers are numbered with your race number to comply with the pack-in, pack-out rubbish policy of all of the tracks that we stride over.
For our cycle events, road rules apply at all times, and it is extremely important that riders stay as close to the left hand side of the road as possible, and do not cross the white line at any time.  Bikes are to be in roadworthy condition and helmets to be worn at all times.
Emergency medication is to be carried by the competitor at all times.
Those who suffer adverse effects from wasp stings are reminded to carry appropriate medication and advise the organisers.
Any medical conditions should be advised in writing (at entry point and also on your Registration Certificate) & lodged with the race director so that they can inform safety crew as appropriate. We also ask that you note any medical conditions on the back of your race number (marker pens are available at event registration for this purpose).
Performance and spot prizes are usually awarded in all age groups for our Trail Runs under the following policy.
First only - less than 7 entries received in the age group, 
2nd - less than 10, 
3rd - with 10 or more entries
Please check with the relevant event as to the age-group categories. Age is taken on the day of the event.
Entries and Withdrawals
Paper Entries
A completed and signed entry form must be sent in with accompanying entry fee to be accepted. A provisional confirmation (subject to clearing of cheque, transfer of payment etc) of entry will be sent via email only and a competitor list will usually be available on this website leading up to the event. 
Online Entries
Entering using a credit card will incur an online service fee charged by the hosting company.
Entries when the event is sold out
Entries received after a limit is reached will be placed on a first come waiting list, and processed as accepted. Your cheque will not be banked until a place becomes available.
All withdrawals must be notified in writing, either to PO Box 129, Nelson or to our email address - admin@nelsonevents.co.nz
All withdrawals are subject to an administration fee - please see individual race information for more details.
Each event has withdrawal date cut offs for refunds (please see individual race information for relevant details). After the final deadline has passed, no refunds will be available. This is due to commitments with hireage, prize purchasing, catering requirements etc. Refunds are usually completed on the 20th of each month and is by cheque or internet banking. If you have moved residence between the time of entry and the time of withdrawal, then please make sure you notify us.  If you would prefer a refund via internet transfer, then please supply account details of your NZ bank account when requesting withdrawal. 
Transferring Entry
We do not allow entries to be transferred to other competitors, to other events or to subsequent years. 
Race Organiser
The Race Organiser has overall judgement on any placings, (eg sprints/hill climbs in cycle events) and has the ability to use their professional judgement if disqualification is appropriate action. Any complaints or appeals should be given in writing to the Race Organiser no longer than thirty minutes after the last finisher has completed the event.
The Race Organiser also reserves the right to alter or cancel the course in adverse conditions to ensure the safety of all competitors and crew.

All our events are smokefree events