Captain Cook's Landing

Sat, 11/07/2020 11th July. 2020

The course is approximately 26km from Camp Bay to Ship Cove along the Queen Charlotte Track in the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.

The finish at Ship Cove allows you the chance to breath in the beauty that kept Captain James Cook coming back. He spent over 100 days on five seperate occasions at Ship Cove making it his favourite anchorage in New Zealand.

An enjoyable active day with lunch, prizegiving buffet and boat transport included.  All transport is from Picton.

The event was established in 1999 to meet the growing demand of runners wanting to experience the renowned Queen Charlotte Track. 

This event is run under a concession contract with the Department of Conservation and numbers are therefore limited.

For more details of the event check out Race Info signpost on the right.

Captain Cooks Landing Honours Board

Men  Sub 2hrs

Kim Hogarth Nelson 1.54.17 2009
Graeme Taylor  Nelson 1 55.15 2011
Blair McWhirter Christchurch 1.55.43 2013
Dave Parsons Wellington 1.56.15 2012
Dave Parsons Christchurch 1.56.40 2013
Nick Hirschfeld  Hamner Springs 1.57.42 2014
Dallas Wichman Christchurch 1.58.18 2012
Nicholas Browne Wellington 1.59.04 2007
Martin Lukes Christchurch 1.59.58 2001
Marc Lidiard Christchurch 1.59.59 2005

Camp Bay to Ship Cove Direction

Robert Rawles New Plymouth 1:51:49 2018
Chris Dunell Christchurch 1.51.58 2017
Andy Good Christchurch 1.52.32 2017
Sarwan Chand Greymouth 1.53.33 2015
Nathan Foley New Plymouth 1.56.00 2018

Women Sub 2hrs 25min

Carline Macdonald Wellington 2.05.09 2004
Klaartje van Schie Nelson 2.12.12 2013
Carline Macdonald Wellington 2.17.27 2002
Louisa Andrew Dunedin 2.20.49 2011
Di Cooper   Nelson 2.23.35 2005
Aubrey Begley Wellington 2.23.48 2009

Camp Bay to Ship Cove Direction

Mel Aitken Greymouth 2.08.50 2017
Olivia Bird Nelson 2.15.59 2016
Lizzie Spencer Christchurch 2.16.41 2018
Imogene Scott Nelson 2.19.46 2015
Florence Van Dyke Nelson 2.20.16 2017
Marisa Ruhter Auckland 2.21.57 2018
Frances Riley Nelson 2.23.31 2016


Race Records:

(Camp Bay to Ship Cove Direction)

Under 40 Robert Rawles 1.51.49 2018
40-49 Andrew Royle 2.15.39 2017
50-59 Robin Grant 2.11.45 2015
60+ Graeme Lear 2.18.37 2018


Under 40 Olivia Bird 2.15.59 2016
40-49 Mel Aitken 2.08.50 2017
50-59 Cheryl Leuthart 2.30.27 2015
60+ Sue Jones 2.52.21 2016

(Ship Cove to Camp Bay)

Under 40 Kim Hogarth 1.54.17 2009
40-49 Graeme Taylor 1 55.15 2011
50-59 Michael Morrissey 2.03.28 2003
60+ Mike Morrissey 2.22.32 2014
Under 40 Klaarje van Schie 2.12.12 2013
40-49 Carline Macdonald 2.05.09 2004
50-59 Lois Reed 2.31.20 2003
60+ Yvonne West 2.59.36 2014


Event Day Merchandise
The Course
Safety and Compulsory Gear

Event Information

The course is approximately 26km from Camp Bay to Ship Cove along the Queen Charlotte Track.

All Race Day transport with Beachcomber Cruises is included as part of the entry fee package ex Picton.

The event will run once again from Camp Bay and in waves head off to finish at Ship Cove. Lunch is provided at Ship Cove post run.

We plan to once again maximise your viewing pleasure with a sailing back to Picton during daylight hours, then we will meet you again at the Prizegiving and Dinner venue of the Port Marlborough Pavilion in Picton.



Entry includes boat transport to and from Picton, lunch at the finish line and prizegiving dinner.

Entry fee is $230 per entrant.


To enter this event you must be able to complete a road half marathon in less than 2.45 hours

All competitors and supporters must be a minimum of 18 years of age to enter this event (unless prior agreement given from Race Director).

If you are unsure of your suitability please contact us at 021 303 160 (Averil) or email

Please note that all competitors compete at their own risk and the Organising Committee will accept no liability for any mishap or injury, or loss/damage to personal property during the event.

Please see Nelson Event Policies for further details

In the event of extreme weather conditions, the Organising Committee reserves the right to substitute an alternative course or if necessary, cancel the event.


We have a limited number of supporter packages available for supporters of runners.

These packages are a great way for your suppporter to be a part of the day and share the experience of being in the Queen Charlotte Sounds.

Package includes - Boat transport to and from Picton. Unaided 13km Supporters walk from Pinehaven to the Finish at Ships Cove. Lunch at the Finish and Dinner at the Prizegiving in Picton.

$180 - includes boat transport ex Picton, lunch and prizegiving function dinner.

Pre Event Emailers

Pre-Event Emailers will be sent approximately once a month to your elected entry email address.

The emailers are designed to give you information, keep you focused and will contain need to know details of the event day. You will be able to access previous editions on the Competitor List Page.


All event merchandise must be pre-booked.
Event T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL or 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18)  -$40

Event Hooded Jacket (Male and Female fit in S, M, L, XL, XXL) - $100

Event Day Trucker Cap (one size fits most...) - $25

Event Day Beanie (one size fits most...) - $25

Survival Compact First Aid Kit -$15


Withdrawal of Entry and Refunds

Withdrawals received

By 23rd May 2019 refunded in full less $30 admin fee

By 1st July 2019 refunded $75 of entry fee.

After 1st July 2019, there is no refund of entry fee.

Please note that we do not allow entries to be transferred to other competitors, other events or for future years.

Check In

Check in is at Beachcomber Pier, Picton Town Wharf, 7.30am

Please note that there are usually three boats that will travel down.  The boat will you travel on is dependent on your start time - this is calculated from your half marathon estimate provided upon entry. 
You will be advised which start boat to board on race morning.

Race Packs

Race numbers will be distributed on board the Beachcomber Cruise launches en route to the start.

You will need to bring your Registration Certificate with you - this will be emailed out to all participants in the week preceeding the event.  Please also ensure you have photo ID with you to uplift your race pack.

Start Time

Start times are advised on week prior to the event - this is calculated according to your honest half marathon estimate provided upon entry.
We allocate this way so that your day will follow our safety guidelines and you won't beat us to the finish!  This should also ensure that you are running with competitors of comparable pace.  If you have never completed a half marathon, it does not matter, just time yourself for one kilometre (running at your typical race pace) on the road and multiply by 21.

The first start wave will begin at approximately 9.15am-9.30am

The Course

Camp Bay to Ship Cove - approximately 26km in distance

QC Track Map

The course follows the marked track.  Any deviation from this will result in disqualification and possible additional transport costs.  Disqualification means no inclusion in the results or prizes.  

Don’t look for km markers – this is ‘off-road’!  Competitors will start in waves at Camp Bay from approximately 9.15am.  These wave times are governed by the arrival of the boats at Camp Bay and completion of final safety and compulsory gear checks, so use them as a guide only - listen carefully to our crew announcements.

There is a pack in – pack out policy on the track.  Please adhere to this – including sachets, wrappers etc.  Please note that aid stations are not rubbish recepticals, nor are our Trail Crew.

This is an off-road event and you should be appropriately and adequately trained.  To ensure our crew can provide emergency support to injured runners in a timely manner please note the following cut off policy for the Check point at The Pines Endeavour Inlet 12km into event.

Cut Off Policy

Event Management will provide on the day a time to our Checkpoint crew that all runners should be through the checkpoint at The Pines Endeavour Inlet. We have been generous in determining this time based on the entry requirement and a significant margin.

Ultimately, we want you to enjoy your day in the Sounds, so if you have any concerns about your ability between now and event day, please get in touch with Averil (021 303 160).

The removal of a competitor at a checkpoint due to not meeting cut off time is not made lightly, we must measure the safety of the entire field and crew.

Please remember that starts are staggered (with the faster runners heading off later), so if you have provided us with an honest half marathon estimate, and have been training adequately for this event then you will pass through this checkpoint easily.

Competitors who withdraw through disinclination to continue during the event may be liable for any additional transport costs to uplift them from the track.



Out there on the Trail


Check Points  -  A check point and aid station will be stationed at The Pines Endeavour Inlet 12km into the event.

Competitors must have their race number recorded at all checkpoints.  Ensure your number is clearly visible at all times on your front and call your number as you come through.

The Aid station is operated by NBS Strider Hands with product from Hammer Nutrition.   Water will be provided along with Hammer Nutrition's HEED.  We recommend you carry a drink bottle which can be refilled at this checkpoint if needed. Jellybeans and Jet planes will also be available along with first aid.

Shoes - We request that all shoes are cleaned before entering the park to ensure no transfer of seeds and to help prevent the spread of didymo.

Race numbers - Ensure your race number is clearly visible at all times on your front of your top. Not on your back, to the side, on your shorts, on your pack. You will not be able to start if race number is not visible on the front of your top.

Passing - Faster runners to call 'passing' and pass on the seaward side of the track.  Slower runner to step to inside (landward) side of track. Please respect each other and give the slower runner time to hear you, and then to adjust their running position.

Toilets - There are toilet facilities on board the Beachcomber Vessels, as well as a toilet at Camp Bay and Ship Cove and at numerous points along the track.

Track Users – There are likely to be other users on the track – please respect them.

Food/Supplements/Water - All food/supplement wrappers etc must be numbered to comply with the track's pack-in pack-out rubbish policy. As it can be awhile between having your breakfast on Saturday morning and starting at Camp Bay, we suggest you may like to take a few energy nibbles for your boat ride, and you can also make yourself a hot drink on board. (*If travelling on the smaller vessel, you will be able to make a drink prior to boarding to take with you)


Safety and Compulsory Gear

All competitors must carry the following minimum equipment on them at all times to cover all possible weather conditions:
*  Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen) Top
*  Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen) Hat
*  Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen) Gloves
*  Windproof Jacket/Parka
*  Survival Blanket
*  Whistle

You will have a gear check prior to the start and there are also gear checks on route.
No Gear - No Start (simple as that).
We have this policy in place to ensure that if we strike wet/cold weather, or if you are injured on route that we know that you have the necessary gear to keep you warm until our safety crew can get you out.

Please note that for safety reasons, use of ipod, mp3 player, Walkman or similar is not permitted.  Enjoy the surroundings of the Queen Charlotte Track - the sounds are worth listening to as you enjoy your event.

Please notify the next checkpoint of any injured competitor – noting their race number and approximate point on the track.  Stay with the competitor needing assistance and send the next competitor through to notify the checkpoint (either The Pines Aid station or the finish) or go back to the The Pines checkpoint (if have passed and deemed closer than the finish).  We have trail crew on the track as well as our tail-end striders at the rear of the field.


This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you encompass training on uneven terrain to prepare appropriately and to also familiarise yourself with the process of following trail/track markers.

The markers on this track are as pictured

Check out Training plans from Martin Lukes in in tab above.

Post Run Gear

Each competitor can take a small bag with them on the boat with warm gear for the finish.  You will take this with you on the boat - so you can remove any extra warm/dry clothing on your person before starting and place into this bag.  Please listen to instructions by our crew as to where to place this before disembarking the boat at Camp Bay.


Any medical conditions should be advised in writing at entry point, noted on your Event Registration Certificate, and also noted on the back of your race number (marker pens are available on board the boats for this purpose)
Those who suffer adverse effects from wasp/bee stings etc are reminded to carry appropriate medication and advise the organisers.
Emergency medication to be carried by the competitor at all times. 

Prizes and Prizegiving

Performance and spot prizes will be awarded in all age groups as per below.
(First only will be awarded if less than 7 entries, 2nd - less than 10 entries, 3rd - with 10 or more)

Runners - Under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+ (Male and Female)

Performance and spot prizes will be awarded at the Prizegiving Dinner Function at the Port Marlborough Pavilion, Endeavour Park, 181 Waikawa Road, Picton upon our return post run.  If you are a North Island competitor and won't have vehicle transport available, then let us know, and we can look to hook you up with a fellow competitor (with transport) or one of our crew.  Showers are available at the Pavillion for your use.

(Dinner is included as part of your entry).  The Bar will be open for cash sales from 4.30pm.

Please note that there is limited seating at the Pavilion, so only those registered competitors and pre-registered supporters will be able to attend the evening function.


Entries for the 2019 Edition has sold out

wait list operational



Entry includes boat transport to and from Picton, lunch at the finish line and prizegiving dinner.

Entry fee is $230 per entrant.


To enter this event you must be able to complete a road half marathon in less than 2.45 hours

All competitors and supporters must be a minimum of 18 years of age to enter this event (unless prior agreement given from Race Director).

If you are unsure of your suitability please contact us at 021 303 160 (Averil) or email

Please note that all competitors compete at their own risk and the Organising Committee will accept no liability for any mishap or injury, or loss/damage to personal property during the event.

Please see Nelson Event Policies for further details

In the event of extreme weather conditions, the Organising Committee reserves the right to substitute an alternative course or if necessary, cancel the event.

Click here to Enter Online

Training Plans based on a 30k Off Road Distance

This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you incorporate off road running into your training.

Beginner's Ten Week Training Plan - Martin Lukes

Intermediate Level Ten Week Training Plan

Advanced Level Ten Week Training Plan - Martin Lukes


Travel to and from Picton, included in your entry fee or Supporters Walk package, is via Beachcomber Cruises' Mail Boat.

For more information on the area, check out the Queen Charlotte Track Website -

Travelling from the North Island?


Coming from across the Strait?
Then check out the Interislander Group rates below


Nelson Events 2019

Booking Reference:                         GM5605

The below rates are based on return travel, prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability.

Fares:                                                                          Off Peak Each Way

Adult                                                                           $47.00

Premium Lounge                                                         $55.00  18yrs plus

Child                                                                            $25.00

Car/Ute/4x4/Trailer up to 5.5                                      $124.00 each

Additional half Metre                                                  $20.00

Campervan up to 5.5                                                   $145.00

Additional half Metre                                                  $37.00

Motor Bikes                                                                 $40.00

Kayaks                                                                        $15.00 each

Pushbikes                                                                    $15.00 each

Off Peak Dates:

01 March – 17 April 19

24 April  – 18 December 19

Fares:                                                                          Peak Each Way

Adult                                                                           $52.00

Premium Lounge                                                         $55.00  18yrs plus

Child                                                                            $25.00

Car/Ute/4x4/Trailer up to 5.5                                      $137.00 each

Additional half Metre                                                  $22.00

Campervan up to 5.5                                                   $170.00

Additional half Metre                                                  $42.00

Motor Bikes                                                                 $50.00

Kayaks                                                                         $15.00 each

Pushbikes                                                                    $15.00 each

Peak Dates:

01-28 February 19

18-23 April 19

Group Booking conditions and instructions for members are:

Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander –

              Online at

Putting GM5605 into the Discount Code box.

  • Every reservation will be given an expiry/payment date, required to be paid in full by that date.
  • Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request.
  • 90% refundable if cancelled prior to final check in time – no refund if cancelled after.
  • Email confirmation of event entry to be shown at check in – otherwise full retail fares will be charged.
  • Prices subject to change with notification.
  • Fares valid from 01 February through to 18 December 19

2019 competitor list

Please let us know if you have not being receiving our pre-event emailers as these will have important event information in them

Emails sent thus far:
Email Confirmation: sent automatically upon entering

Pre-Event Emailer #1 - May 16th

Pre-Event Emailer #2 - June 9th

Pre-Event Emailer #3 - June 13th

Pre-Event Eamiler #4 - June 26th 

Pre-Event Emailer #5 - June 30th


The below information shows your allocated Start Wave at Camp Bay - updated 6th July 2019

These start waves are based on your current half marathon estimate (the time you currently run 21km on the road).  This is so that you are running with similar ability runners, and so that we have enough time for our crew to make it to the finish line and aid stations in front of you.  We also don't want you waiting too long at the finish, as the finish area is exposed to the elements.  These waves have been allocated to ensure you are arriving within a short time of each other for maximum enjoyment.

The first wave (Wave 1) is expected to start at approximately 9.15am, with the final wave starting at 10.45am.  This depends on sailing times on the day.  Approximately five minutes between each start wave.


Sarah Anderson  FU40 8
Kim Anderson-Hadley F50-59 15
Amy Barbara FU40 15
Penny Batchelor F50-59 7
Jonathan Batchelor M50-59 14
Stephen Bates MU40 10
Anne Bathurst F40-49 15
Steve Beatson M40-49 17
Rebecca Bilby FU40 6
Helen Bolton F40-49 5
Sean Bolton  M40-49 17
Daniel Boulton M40-49 16
Kelly Bowers F40-49 6
Hilary Bristowe F40-49 9
Abbie Brown F40-49 11
Anne-Marie Button F40-49 5
Dave Candy M50-59 14
Danny Carmine M40-49 19
Kelly Carter FU40 13
Dave Chisholm M40-49 16
Veronica Clarke F50-59 4
Peter Clarke M50-59 4
Blair Clatworthy M40-49 17
Jesse Clements MU40 9
Carys Coleman FU40 15
Ingrid Cooper FU40 8
Sandi Cooper FU40 10
Helen Cosgrove F50-59 7
Gemma Cowie FU40 2
Sheena Crawford FU40 13
Dominica Cresswell F40-49 9
Charlotte Daker FU40 14
Bonnie Davis FU40 7
Julie Davison F40-49 2
Jesse Di Benedetto MU40 15
Mark  Dillon M40-49 16
Diane Dinnis F40-49 6
Josh Dondertman MU40 5
Nicola Dudley FU40 16
Seumas Dunlop MU40 14
Solitaire Durante F40-49 7
Andre Durante M40-49 15
Kate Edgar FU40 4
Shannon Edgar FU40 4
Kevin Edgar M50-59 4
Donna Edwards FU40 10
Jeremy Edwards M40-49 16
Brian Ellwood M40-49 12
Farnoosh Farahi FU40 11
Simone Faulkner F40-49 15
Debra Fenton F50-59 5
Kate Fenton FU40 5
Nigel Flatman M40-49 11
Tracey Flatman F40-49 11
Kirstin Foley F40-49 17
Nathan Foley MU40 19
Bridget Ford FU40 16
Katrina Fort FU40 7
Mark Gilbert M40-49 13
Paris Gleeson MU40 10
Max Glossop MU40 18
Shanon Grainger MU40 16
Sarah Green F40-49 11
Janette Gwilliam  F40-49 4
David Hartshorn M50-59 18
Phil Heffernan M40-49 5
Ryan Higgins M40-49 9
Peter Hilling M60+ 10
Cameron Holden MU40 18
Juanita Holmwood F40-49 10
Laura Hudson FU40 14
Sanna Huhtamaki F40-49 7
Louise Huntley F50-59 5
Heather Isenman FU40 4
Samuel Jansens MU40 16
Mel Janssen F40-49 5
Annabel Jeaffreson F40-49 17
Malcolm Jennings M40-49 17
Gareth Jones MU40 17
Julie Jopp FU40 14
Sally Kelso F40-49 5
Lea Knowles F40-49 15
Dianne Kowalewski F60+ 6
Sarah Langer FU40 15
Tanya Lavington F50-59 12
Angela Leck F40-49 19
Susie Lee F60+ 2
Bill Lee M60+ 2
Hadrien Loubat MU40 17
Kerri Loughhead FU40 8
Al MacFarlan M50-59 10
Don MacKenzie M40-49 13
Coralie Maddern F50-59 1
Clinton Manderson MU40 19
Janet Marsh F50-59 13
Alex Martin F40-49 10
Alice Matheson FU40 3
Morag McConville F40-49 12
Pat McLarin M40-49 12
Bruce Middleton M60+ 8
John Miller MU40 18
Amanda Mitchell F50-59 6
Reuben Molnar MU40 3
Rebecca Moore F40-49 1
Curtis Moore MU40 18
Margaret Moretti F60+ 8
Graeme Moss M50-59 14
Mark Newlands M40-49 8
Scott Nicholas MU40 3
Tanya Nicholls-Dillon F40-49 2
Paul Nouvellon MU40 19
Christine Officer F40-49 2
Mark Oldfield MU40 17
Laura Pfeifer FU40 16
Lisa Phelan F40-49 5
Peter Plowman MU40 12
Mark Potter M40-49 3
Ben Pritchard M40-49 9
Annabel Ramsay FU40 17
Gwenda Reece F50-59 9
Rachel Rennie F40-49 12
Kirsten Revell F40-49 8
Bruce Roberts M40-49 7
Sarah Rutene FU40 6
Hannah Savill FU40 1
Claudia Schneider F60+ 1
Graeme Sellars M60+ 16
Yvonne Shaw F50-59 7
James Shepherd M40-49 13
Sarah Shepherd F40-49 14
Chris Short M40-49 18
Hamish Sisson M50-59 12
Sarah Sledmore FU40 3
Scott Smith MU40 16
Johnathan Southee MU40 7
Jacob Stapleton MU40 15
Richard Steele M60+ 7
James Steele MU40 7
Kerryn Stewart F40-49 3
Mike Stratton MU40 9
Christopher  Tait M40-49 14
Greg Taylor M50-59 5
Mike Taylor M40-49 8
Misha Taylor M40-49 11
Hannah Thompson FU40 13
Steve Todd M50-59 12
Steve Toms M40-49 14
Rachel Townrow FU40 6
Caroline Treadaway F60+ 1
Charity Tycer F40-49 8
Ginene Vallance F50-59 3
Jamie Vallance M60+ 6
Tina van Dijk F50-59 10
Stijn Van Langenhoven MU40 1
Ines Vandendorpe FU40 1
Maria Voigt F50-59 10
Kathy Voss F50-59 3
Andrew Voss M50-59 10
Darren Whittington M50-59 9
Selwyn Wong M50-59 16
Alisa Wood FU40 9
Debbie Woolford FU40 1
Paul Wooller M40-49 9
Sharon Wray F50-59 4
Michael Wray M50-59 19
Sarah Wright F40-49 8
Kirsten Wright FU40 18


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