NBS Nelson Striders Half Marathon & 10km

2nd December 2018 for the "No Watch" Half and 10km



This unique event was inspired by the Nelson Striders running group who made international press when out for their Sunday morning run up the Maitai Valley in August 1994. What started as a peaceful jog ended up with the group scrambling up a bank to avoid the agitated wild boar. Caretaker Trevor Ruffell came to the rescue and had to drown the pig with his bare hands in the Maitai River.

Runners now compete to win the prestigous Trevor Ruffell Tusk Trophy (aka The Boar's Jaws) by being closest to their estimate over the 21.1km distance up the Maitai Valley. Over the past 18 years winners have all been within 10 seconds of their estimate, with Stu Cottam guessing his exact time in 1998.

Trevor Ruffell Tusk Trophy (aka The Boars Jaw)


Nelson Evening Mail (Wednesday August 10, 1994) - Kirsty Fyfe

Striders Half & 10km Conception BillBoard

Crocodile Dundee eat your heart out .... a Nelson man became a true hero on Sunday when he saved a group of joggers being chased by a frenzied boar.

Maitai Dam caretaker Trevor Ruffell downplayed his courageous feat when contacted by the Mail this morning, but admitted he drowned the 54kg boar in the Maitai River with his bare hands.

The escapade began when seven members of the Nelson Striders Club were enjoying an early morning jog through the Maitai Valley and spied a wild boar on the opposite side of the river.

When the tusked boar saw them it swam the river and gave chase.

Mr Ruffell couldn't quite believe what he saw when he arrived on the scene in his utility with his sheepdog on the back.
'I saw all these joggers waving at me and thought they wanted a lift, but then saw this frenzied boar and realised they were in big trouble.'

After ramming the pig with his ute's bull bar, he grabbed his .22 rifle - but not before his dog had bailed the pig up. 'The dog chased him down to the river where I shot him between the eyes, but he didn't flinch.'

The boar then ripped the dog through the shoulder with its tusks and tried to charge up the opposite side of the bank. 'So I grabbed him by the tail and the back leg and drowned him in the river. He was pretty tired by then.'

Mr Ruffell said it happened so fast he did not even think about his actions before lending a hand.

Joggers Marie Lenting and Averil West said the incident was exciting rather than terrifying and made their adrenalin pump. 'We just couldn't believe a boar would actually swim a river to chase us. The experience was so unreal because it was close to town ... I knew how it felt to be a clown in a bullfight,' Mrs West said.

Mrs Lenting said it had given them 'an awesome buzz' and forced the joggers into a sprint after the boar got within a couple of metres of them. 'We had to climb up a steep bank and cling to the sides while the caretaker chased the boar for us.'

The incident will go down in Nelson Striders' history, as the boar's jaw will be mounted as a trophy for the club's race up the Maitai Valley.

Trevor Russell Trophy Honours

Boar's Jaw Honours Year Difference
Tim Cross  1994 8 seconds
Steve Clementson 1996 5 seconds
Mike Parris 1997 4 seconds
Stu Cottam   1998 EXACT
Sonia O'Regan  1999 2 seconds
Gretchen Rasch 2000 2 seconds
Janine Eady   2001 4 seconds
Helena Franklin & Kim Leighton 2002 6 seconds
Graham Staples 2003 3 seconds
Lucy Thompson 2004 6 seconds
Judy Crowe  2005 9 seconds
Andrew Ricciardi 2006 1 second
David Walsh-Kemmis 2007 1 second
Pete Campbell 2008 4 seconds
Martin Meads   2009 2 seconds
Raymond Janssen 2010 5 seconds
Stu Cottam   2011 7 seconds
Lyn Smith & Chris Fitchett 2012 2 seconds
Kris Garstang 2013 1 second
Steffan Eden 2014 1 second
Alister Dickson 2015 14 seconds
Simon Leaning 2016 3 seconds
Greg Emans 2017 18 seconds
Tessa Holland 2018 2 seconds



Branford Park, Maitai Valley, Nelson

Out and back 21.1km or 10km course along Nelson's charming Maitai Valley Road


Click on Entry Page on the right for Online and Paper Entries

$40 Individual entry for Half and 10km, Run or Walk.

Post 24th November Entry fee is $50 for Half and 10km, Run or Walk.

Please arrive at least 30 mins prior to your scheduled start time to pick up your race number.
Registration is at Branford Park (beginning of the Maitai Valley).
A Registration Certificate will be emailed to all entrants during the week prior to the event or you can download it HERE

Start Times

Half Marathon start times are staggered according to your estimated time as follows:
8.00am = 2.30hrs plus
8.15am = 2.01 - 2.29 hrs
8.35am = 1.46 - 2.00 hrs
8.55am = 1.26 - 1.45 hrs
9.15am = Under 1.26 hrs

9.30am = All 10km Run and Walk Entrants

If you are not sure of your estimate, measure a 1km distance then time how long it takes you to cover this distance at your normal race speed and then multiply by 21.

Course Map

Water Stations
There are five drink stations in total for the half marathon, and two for the 10km.

Half Water Station #1: Golf Course (up) - approx 3km
Half Water Station #2: Smiths Ford/Linton Hill area
Half Water Station #3: TurnAround
Half Water Station #4: Smiths Ford/Linton Hill area (down)
Half Water Station #5: Golf Course (down)

Half Water Station #6: The Splash <2km from finish

10km Water Station #1:  Golf Course (up) - approx 3km
10km Water Station #2:  Golf Course (back) - approx 7km

10km Water Station #3: The Splash <2km from finish

Remember to drink plenty the day before and morning of the event so you arrive well hydrated.

Post Race Function
approx 1pm - venue New Street Steakhouse (The Waka), corner of New St and Collingwood St, Nelson

Prizes & Prizegiving
Trevor Ruffell Tusk Trophy (the Boar's Jaws) for Closest Finisher to Estimate in Half Marathon event.
Top 10 closest to estimate - Half Marathon
Top 10 closest to estimate - 10km
PLUS - Spot Prizes

Please note that for safety reasons use of ipod, mp3 player, Walkman or similar is not permitted.


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More Information
Please contact Averil West on (03) 548 3655 (evenings) or 021 303 160

EntrIES open

for the 2018 Edition on Sunday the 2nd of December

$40 Individual entry for Half and 10km, Run or Walk.

Post 24th November Entry fee is $50 for Half and 10km, Run or Walk.

Online Entries close Saturday 10am, paper entries will be accepted on the day.


Download entry form

The Maitai Valley is located a couple of kilometres from central city of Nelson.
The start and finish is located from Branford Park, which is at the start of the Maitai Valley (off Nile Street).


2018 DECEMBER Participant List

Please note that this list is updated weekly.

Emailers sent
Entry Confirmaton sent: upon completion of entry


Start Times

Half Marathon start times are staggered according to your estimated time as follows:
WAVE 1: 8.00am = 2hrs 30mins plus
WAVE 2: 8.15am = 2hrs01mins - 2hrs29mins
WAVE 3: 8.35am = 1hrs46mins - 2hrs 00mins
WAVE 4: 8.55am = 1hr26mins - 1hr45mins
WAVE 5: 9.15am = Under 1hr26mins

WAVE 6: 9.30am = All 10km Run and Walk Entrants

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time

First name Last name Distance City WAVE
Tressa Neligan HM WALK Nelson 1
Stephanie Bensemann HM WALK Nelson 1
Ralph Bradley HM WALK Nelson 1
Annette Ewen HM WALK Nelson 1
Jude Ward HM WALK Nelson 1
Rob Cant HM RUN Nelson 1
Lenise Mazzucchelli HM RUN Nelson 1
Jenny Mackay HM WALK Nelson 1
Linda Sillery HM RUN Motueka 1
Karen Griffiths HM RUN Richmond 1
Bevan Cook HM WALK Nelson 1
Liz Bashford HM RUN Marlborough  1
Geraldine Piper HM RUN Marlborough  1
Stephen Wynne-Jones HM RUN Nelson 1
Susan J. Masten HM RUN Okemos 2
Donald Gunn HM RUN Motueka 2
Nicole Cant HM RUN Nelson 2
Nick Lane HM RUN Nelson 2
Claire Pendlebury HM RUN Nelson 2
Irmi Watt HM RUN Renwick 2
Lyn Smith HM RUN Nelson 2
Tom Frentz HM RUN Nelson 2
Lucie Gibson HM RUN Blenheim 2
Abbie Taylor HM RUN Nelson 2
Katya Perrott HM RUN Auckland 2
Rod Sharp HM RUN Takaka 2
Rosie Strawbridge HM RUN Nelson 2
Malcolm Fisher HM RUN Nelson 2
Nicole Guy HM RUN Nelson 2
Rosanne Guy HM RUN Blenheim  2
Wayne Jones HM WALK Nelson 2
Jeremy Burton HM RUN Nelson 2
Rob Rix HM RUN Motueka 2
Kim O'Hanlon HM RUN Nelson 2
Claire Edwards HM RUN Marlborough 3
Tim Walton HM RUN Christchurch 3
Campbell Black HM RUN Tawa 3
Mari Ulfers HM RUN Nelson 3
Margaret Hazelwood HM RUN picton 3
Juanita Holmwood HM RUN Nelson 3
Mary Eggers HM WALK Nelson 3
Christine Eggers HM WALK Nelson 3
Maryann Cant HM RUN Nelson 3
Bruce Harvey HM RUN Nelson 3
Amelia van Vugt HM RUN Nelson 3
Barry Rowe HM RUN Nelson 3
Darren van Vugt HM RUN Nelson 3
Ed Tappenden HM RUN Nelson  3
Junko Tanaka HM RUN Nelson 3
Jesse Clements HM RUN Richmond 3
Rowan Simpson HM RUN Richmond 3
Garry Walker HM RUN Nelson 3
Andrew Ricciardi HM RUN Nelson 4
Karen Goodger HM RUN Nelson 4
Tessa Holland HM RUN Christchurch 4
Tayla Harrison HM RUN Seddon  4
Edward Johnson HM RUN Nelson 4
Tomo Clere HM RUN Takaka 4
David Riddell HM RUN Nelson 4
Francesca Harris HM RUN Nelson 4
Colette Read HM RUN Motueka 4
Quintin Adlam HM RUN Blenheim 4
Tanya Louise HM RUN Nelson 4
Flossie Van Dyke HM RUN Nelson 4
Jimmy Mackay HM RUN Nelson 4
Julia Anderson HM RUN Upper Moutere 4
Andy Riley HM RUN Nelson 4
Nova Sutherland HM RUN Nelson 4
Robbie Barnes HM RUN Seddon 4
George Varney HM RUN Blenheim 4
Ben Wallbank HM RUN Nelson 5
Alan Bryson HM RUN Nelson 5
Nicki Alexander 10km RUN Nelson 6
Julie Alissa McGuire 10km RUN Motueka  6
Maree Auld 10km WALK Nelson 6
Pamela Barker 10km RUN Nelson 6
Debbie Boyd 10km WALK Nelson 6
Caley Brooks 10km RUN Nelson  6
Stuart Croft 10km RUN Nelson 6
Joy Crump 10km WALK Blenheim 6
Jono Ettema 10km RUN Nelson 6
Mieke Holtrop 10km RUN Havelock 6
Mark Johns 10km RUN Nelson  6
Anna Kelly 10km RUN Nelson 6
Andrew Knight 10km RUN Nelson 6
Wayne Manderson 10km RUN Motueka 6
Janek Manderson 10km RUN Motueka 6
Anna-May Martin 10km RUN Nelson 6
Paul Murphy 10km WALK Nelson 6
Tony Murray 10km RUN Wakefield 6
Peter Scott 10km WALK Nelson 6
Natasha Scowen Knight 10km RUN Nelson 6
Rachael Scowen-Innes 10km RUN Nelson 6
Pegs Storer 10km RUN Nelson 6
Jenelle Strickland 10km RUN Hira 6
Felicity Thomson 10km RUN Nelson 6
Diane Trengrove 10km RUN Nelson 6
Hayley Whiting 10km RUN Nelson 6
Kiri Williams 10km RUN Christchurch 6


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