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The MIGYM PACESETTERS ARE BACK at The Hits Run Mahana 2015

The team from migym have organised four time pacers for those that are targeting 45 minutes, 50 minutes, 55 minutes or 60 minutes for their 10km loop. Stick with them and they'll stick to the pace to see you there. They'll be identifiable on the day with their migym shirts and bright orange caps, and special Run Mahana Race Numbers that will have their time printed on it. Awesome!

Not keen on getting a certain time - that's totally OK too! Love this pic from #thisgirlcan

A note from Trev of Migym
Anyone who knows anything about running knows that all the fitness in the world can be unraveled by poor pacing strategy. Pacing strategy is all about calculating a realistic race day goal then calculating how how quick each kilometer needs to be to achieve it. If you've never run 10km before then a 5km race is not only good training but can be plugged into the following online calculator to predict 10km time.
http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/general/rws-race-time-predictor/1681.html. Run Mahana is not your average 10km (small hills, gravel etc) so my advice would be to add 1-2minutes to your predicted flat 10km time to account for this.

To make the day even easier Migym has organised a pacesetter for 45,50,55 and 60 minute race times. If you want one of those times then keep them in view or use them as a guide.