McFadden McMeeken Phillips Nelson Women's Triathlon

Sun, 02/04/2017 30th year in 2017!! Sunday April 2nd

Established 1988

2017 will be the 30th year of the McFadden McMeeken Phillips Lawyers Nelson Women's Triathlon.

McFadden McMeekend Phillips 2014 Naming Rights Sponsor

The Event
Designed for beginners, couch potatoes, women with little time to 'spend' on themselves, workmates and families and even the serious weekend athlete!  All females keen to challenge themselves, have some fun, maybe support a first-timer or experience their first ever triathlon - the Nelson Women's Triathlon caters for all.

Run 5km or Walk 3km
Road cycle 13km
Swim 120 metres (4 lengths of Riverside Pool)

*distances are approx
In addition to the individual effort of the triathlon all participants can choose to be a part of some extra fun challenges:

NBS Workmates Challenge
Generation Challenge (Mother/Daughter)
New Mums
First Timers
BFF (Best Friends Forever)

PB (personal best) Challenge - let us know if you beat your previous best time on this course and you will go in the special draw!!  (calculated from your previous best time in the last five years of this event)


Event Information

Runner or Walker

Yr 7-13
Under 30

TEAM Section
2 or 3 person teams complete the disciplines between them.
You can have one runner (or walker), one cyclist and one swimmer, or one person can complete two of the disciplines (for example a team member might choose to both complete the walk section AND the swim section and have their team member complete the cycle section).

From run/walk to cycle - team cyclist waits at the entrance to the transition area (their bike should be racked inside transition prior to the start of the event).  Team runner/walker tags the team cyclist outside transition, next to the aid station, and team cyclist enters transition and moves through event as per individual competitors (see further below).

From cycle to swim - team cyclist dismounts as per individuals at Dommett St, then runs/walks through to the next transition area (outside the pool) and tags team swimmer.  Remember, that if your team has entered as a walk team, then the cyclist must walk through to the pool transistion area.  Team swimmer then enters Riverside Pool area as per individual competitors (see further below).

Order of disciplines
Run or Walk - Cycle - Swim

Entry to the 2017 event is NOW OPEN - click on the ENTRY signpost to the right of the screen for info on how to enter this event

$30 Individual Entry
$20 School Aged Individual Entry (Years 7-13 at school)
$50 Team Entry

Special Early Entry Prize Draws
We will have special prize giveaway draws for those that enter early - the earlier you enter, the more prize draws you will automatically be entered into

Event Merchandise
Event T-Shirt $40
Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22

Event Sports Cap - $25

Merchandise needs to be pre-ordered, and will be available for collection on event day.

For the safety of all participants we do not permit you to be accompanied throughout the triathlon (adults or children) ie. no buggies, or children in child bike seats etc. This includes vehicles, or cycles.

Please obey our marshall's directions. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.  They are there for your safety.

Wearing/using ipods, mp3 players, walkmans etc is not allowed.  Remember, that the road is open to traffic, therefore we need you to be able to listen out for vehicles and other entrants.

Prizegiving venue and time : Nelson College for Girls Gymnasium, 2pm (tbc)

Remember that to claim a spot prize you must be present at prizegiving.  There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs which any entrant has the chance to win, along with an additional challenge prize pool. 

Race Day Registration
7.15am to 8.00am at Branford Park, Maitai Valley.
At Registration, you will hand over your completed Registration Certificate (which will be emailed to you in the week prior to the event).  Our event crew will then give you your event stickers and will body number you.  The smaller sticker is to be placed on your bike, to ease collection of your bike once you have finished the event, and the larger sticker is to go on your helmet.

Body Numbering: you will have a number written on your leg and hand.  This enables us to record your finish time at the end of the event.  To assist with identification we ask you to attempt to keep this number clearly visible at all times (it also helps our photographer identify the fantastic faces he/she is snapping).

A briefing will be conducted at 8.10am just outside transition (in the registration area).
Please attempt to have all your questions answered before briefing by phoning Averil, emailing us, or asking at registration.  Don't forget to check out the Questions Signpost (click on the right of the screen).  We are always looking to add questions and answers ... so please don't be afraid to email us any queries ... chances are someone else is also wondering ..

migym Warm Up

Start Time
Runners start at 8.30am and walkers at approximately five-ten* minutes after.
* Walkers please be ready to start from 8.30am.
Registration and briefing is the same time for both runners and walkers.

This is the area where you will leave your bike and helmet. 

Only participants will be allowed in the transition area. This protects your bike AND everyone else's as well!
Supporters can watch you in transition by standing on the city end of transistion.  Please note that once the event gets underway, all supporters will need to be standing either on the far end (city side) of transition, or across the road opposite to the transition area.  This is for safety reasons, to keep the entry side clear.

After completing your cycle in Domett Street you will be met by a group of 'bike catchers' who will take your bike from you while you go to the pool.  They will lay this gently down on the embankment by the pathway.  You will take your helmet with you to the pool transition area.

You will need to collect your own bike post race - please don't ask supporters to collect this on your behalf - for security reasons only you can collect your bike.

The Course
Please note that the road is open to traffic and therefore Road Rules apply at ALL times. 

Both the run and walk routes incorporate 'off road' terrain.  Please take care if passing another participant, faster entrant to call 'coming through' and pass on the river side of the track.  As you come off the Maitai Walkway you will pop up at the bridge, please stay inside the cones, on the footpath as you make your way back down the valley.  There will be cyclists heading up the valley on the road.


The Walk will start approximately five-ten minutes after the Run Start. 

Walkers head up the Maitai Valley Road (after short ‘dog leg’ down road to turnaround cone), crossing at the ‘splash’ and returning to transition via the Maitai Walkway.
Participants must walk at all times.

The Run will start on Matai Valley Road, close to the transition area at Branford Park. At the starter’s signal (after short ‘dog leg’ down road to turnaround cone) run up the Maitai Valley Road, turn around at Sharlands Creek bridge, return to 'splash' and follow Maitai Walkway back to transition.
Participants in this category are allowed to run or walk.

Womens Tri Run Walk Map

You will need to put your helmet on and fasten it before taking your bike from the bike rack.  Walk your bike to the transition area exit, and then walk your bike to the mount line (coned flags).  Once you have crossed the bike mount line, you can then hop onto your bike and start your cycle up the valley.



Participants will cycle up the Maitai Valley Road to the Maitai Valley Motor Camp, turning around the turnaround cone (when safe – check behind you).  Turn RIGHT around the cone (the cone will be on your right side at all times).

Cycle back down the Maitai Valley Road, past transition and then turn RIGHT onto Nile St (under Marshall’s directions – be prepared to stop, this is a GIVE WAY and therefore you must Give Way to traffic as per normal road rules). 

Travel along Nile St and then turn LEFT into Tasman/Brook St at the roundabout. 

Travel through the next roundabout and continue up the Brook Valley until you reach the Miro St Bridge.

Turn RIGHT onto the Miro St Bridge (remember to check for traffic behind you first), and then RIGHT into Westbrook Tce (under Turn Marshall’s directions, remember only turn when safe).  Then a RIGHT turn onto the bridge at the end of this road, and a hard LEFT back onto Brook/Tasman Streets.  

Travel down to the roundabout, travel through the first roundabout (again, check for traffic as per normal road rules) and then turn RIGHT through the second roundabout, back onto Nile St.  
Take care – this is a busy intersection.
Then LEFT into Domett St and cycle down until you reach the DISMOUNT LINE.
Dismount (get off your bike) when directed by marshalls. WALK bike to 'catchers' and then proceed to the pool as per below

Please take care around other cyclists, overtake on the right hand side of another cyclist and call 'passing' or 'on your right' when overtaking so the other cyclist expects you.  Always look behind you before pulling out and ride as far to the left of the road as possible (unless overtaking).

We also ask that where possible, participants refrain from drafting (riding directly behind another cyclist) as this is unfair to other riders.  Drafting is not allowed.

Womens Tri Cycle Map

Run/Walk to Riverside Pool along the Riverside Walkway (if you are entered as a walker, you must walk this section).

You will take your helmet with you to the pool. Leave helmet and shoes outside the pool as directed by marshalls.

4 lengths

Everyone must walk inside the pool complex.  (Care is required around the pool - it gets very slippery)!

You will enter Riverside Pool via a ramp (specially erected for the event).  If you need to remove prescription glasses then you can leave this with one of the pool marshalls. Please let us know if you need help to collect them once you exit the pool.

Walk up the ramp and then walk down to the far end (shallow end) of the pool.  Walk down the steps and you can then begin your first length.  Please note that we don't allow competitors to dive into the pool.

There will be flutter boards and aqua belts at the steps if you wish to use them.

Follow the instructions of the marshalls and if you feel you need some assistance then call out to one of the lifeguards.

When you have finished your first length, you will move under the lane rope and into lane 2.  You will then swim up the pool to complete your second length.  At the end of your second length, go under the lane rope and then swim down to complete length three.  Then, once again, under the lane rope and swim up the pool to complete your final length in lane 4.

You will be moving under lane ropes to enable you to start on one side of the pool and finish on the other.
Once you touch the end of the pool in lane 4, the finish line marshall will press the button on their electronic timing machine.  This automatically records your time.  A second marshall will then assist you to exit the pool in finish line order, and further marshalls will then record your 'race' number.  This allows us to match you and your time.  Please move efficiently out of the pool once finished, to help us avoid too much congestion at the finish area.  Once your number is recorded, you will then have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the post-event festivities in the celebration area outside the pool.  Well done!

Womens Tri Swim Map

Your time stops when you complete your fourth length of the pool. After completing your swim please exit the pool as quickly as possible (to minimise congestion at the end of the pool). As you leave the water you will be given a numbered disc. Hand this disc to the recorder who will need to see your race number as well so that we can accurately record your triathlon time (your time will be recorded on a separate computer when you finish your fourth length). 
Outside the pool there will be an official 'finish shute' where you can stand and get finish photos taken.  There will also be water and fresh fruit available to refuel and rehydrate.  Relax and celebrate your achievement!

Collecting your helmet and shoes
Return to 'drop-off' area and when convenient with marshall collect your shoes and helmet. We recommend you mark your shoes, helmet and bike for easy identification.

Collecting your bike
Return to Domett Street and when convenient with marshall collect your bike
Please consider other triathletes still using the pathway to start their swim, and step off the pathway to give them a clear path to the pool (and give them a good cheer as well)

If you can, instead go via the driveway by the side of the pool that brings you out at Bridge St, then walk down to Domett St - this avoids congestion on the pathway.

Maitai Valley Road will be closed from 9.00am to 10.30am* to non-residents. Absolutely no supporter vehicles will have access to or be able to exit Maitai Valley Road during that time (excepting Triathlon crew vehicles and Emergency Services). The parking field will also be locked once the event is about to begin and won't be unlocked until after the conclusion of the bike leg. 

We recommend supporters leave their cars in Nile Street (past Tasman St) or in Tory St to be outside the cycle course area to lessen the risk for triathlon participants and to avoid any inconvenience. Please note that Domett Street will also be closed.
* timing to be confirmed

Once the event gets underway, you will need to move to the opposite side of the road from the transition area - this is for our participant's safety - we need to keep this road clear.  If you would like to watch them through transition, then you can stand at the far end (city end) of transition.

At the pool - if you would like to watch your participant complete their swim, the entry and exit point to the pool is via the main entrance.  There is limited room inside the pool, so please limit your time in the pool to watching your participant, then exit the same way you entered and make your way to the celebration area.

We look forward to having you come along and sharing the day with your partner, mother, daughter, friend, however, we ask that you are considerate to all and follow the instructions of event crew who are there to make the event safe and enjoyable for all participants.

Further Information
Please contact Averil West on 03 548 3655 (evenings) or email


Generation Challenge

Mother/Daughter or Grandmother/Grandaughter

Both complete the triathlon individually
All participants go in the special spot prize draws.

NBS Workmates Challenge

If you are keen to get your workmates involved then why not enter the NBS Workmates Challenge - two staff members from the same workplace complete the triathlon individually. All entrants go in the Major Workmates Spot Prize Draw.

New Mums

Major spot prize for new Mums (New Mum defined as having a child that is under the age of 18 months on event day). Please note that it can be your second or third or tenth child that is under the age of 18 months for you to qualify to enter this category - you don't have to be a brand new Mum.

First Timers

If this is your first ever triathlon, tick the box on your entry and go in the special First Timers Spot Prize Draw.

BFF (Best Friends Forever)!

Grab one of your mates and get training together, and having fun together
Both complete the tri, and you will go in the special BFF spot prize draw.

PB (Personal Best)

Beat your previous best time* on the course and be in the draw to win!  Drawn post event - you will need to email us your previous best time, your finish time in 2017 and the differential from your 2017 time.  The 2017 results will be available online at on Sunday afternoon post event.
*to be eligible you must have completed the tri in the last five years (time difference calculated from your previous best time within the last five years)

Withdrawal Policy
Please note that no transfer of entry is allowed.
Withdrawals must be received in writing to PO Box 129, Nelson, 7040 or via email to
Withdrawals received before March 26th 2017 will incur a $15 administration fee. Withdrawals after March 26th 2017 will not be eligible for a refund.  Please note that we do not allow entries to be transferred to other competitors, other events or future events.

Changing your Entry Category
If you would like to change your entry type since entering, eg Run to Walk, or Walk to Run then please email us your change request before the Tuesday prior to event day.


Entry for the 2017 event IS NOW OPEN

$1 for every year that you have completed the Nelson Women's Triathlon
To claim your discount, complete the discount form and include with your entry form

Entry forms can be sent to Nelson Events, PO Box 129, Nelson, 7040


emailed to


ONLINE ENTRY - to receive your discount code, complete the form above (if you don't want to email the form, just email us the same details as per for the form), and email through to us - we will reply with the code to enter when entering online to automatically receive the discounted price - $1 for each year you have completed the tri.




Click here to register online Download entry form

Ten week training plan - click here

If you are not sure which one (beginner or intermediate/advanced level) to follow then start off with the beginner level and if you find this too easy, give the intermediate level plan a go. Please remember that these are generic plans and are to be used as a guide only. Always consult your doctor before beginning any new training plan, and if you start to experience pain ease off and see your GP.

To avoid soreness in the legs from jarring on the road, attempt to stay on a grass surface for most of your walking/jogging in the first 3 to 4 weeks. If you are training for the Walk Triathlon then substitute the jogging for walking. If you feel you want to jog during your training then do so, it won't hurt your preparation.
Remember that on the day you won't be able to jog if you've entered as a walker.

Don't worry if you cannot run for the duration written on the program - make it a mixture of running and walking as you feel. The Kaiteriteri Gold 10km (March 11th) is a great opportunity to get some experience in a 'race', as are the weekly NBS Striders Summer Series Runs and Walks (beginning Tuesday January 10th with a 3km in the Maitai Valley).

You may find it easier to train if you have company - find a friend to enjoy the next few weeks with and please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding your training, or the triathlon.

You may find it hard to run off your bike - this is normal and with training your muscles get used to it.  It would be a good idea to practice this a few times before race day, and go for a quick run around the block after one of your bike sessions.  This will help your preparation for Event Day (when you have to run/walk to the pool after your cycle section - remember though, that it is not far (approx 250m).


Swim Training

Firstly a big congratulations as you have made the decision to try a TRI!

The first thing to remember when you begin your swimming training is relaxation. You may not be the most comfortable with swimming or you may even have bad memories from the past, so the first thing to do with your training is just to play around in and under the water. Practice standing back up after being horizontal, even if that means holding the side of the pool initially. With all your training it is mind over matter and keep a positive attitude.

The Swim component of the TRI is 4 lengths, so throughout the training you will be attempting to build up your swim fitness so you can complete these 4 lengths in a row. Remember that it is perfectly fine to have a rest at each end of the pool during the event, and if you prefer one stroke over another use that stroke (that could also mean using the kickboard throughout)

You may notice that you tire quickly in the water, especially as the swim component is at the end of the triathlon. So if on race day that means that you need to take your breaths when swimming more frequently or rest more at the end of each length - thats totally OK.

Some Training Sessions to Try
These sessions can be performed in a 25m or 33yd pool - with no need to adapt. If at any stage you need to decrease or even increase the distance - GO FOR IT.
Change the strokes as you prefer, and if you feel more comfortable use a 'aqua jogging' belt to aid the floatation. (these will also be available on race day if wanted)
Over time increase the number of sets you do of each part of the program ie 2 x 2L can increase to 3 x 2L, 4 x 2L and so on...)

WU - Warm Up
F/S - Frontcrawl
B/S - Breastroke
BK/S - Backstroke
Kick - legs only with or without a kickboard (Depending upon your level)
WD - Warm Down
L - Length

Beginners Session
* 16 Lengths *

4 x 1L - walking the shallow and swimming the deep
3 x 2L - F/S - aiming to swim the 2L continuously - Rest at the end of the 2L of 30-60sec depending upon your level
4 x 1L - Kick - aiming to really use those legs and make them work.
2L - Swim - nice and slowly concentrating on feeling good and comfortable in the water

Fitness Session
*  32 Lengths*
4L - Continuous swim - nice long strokes and kicks - warming up the body
4 x 3L - Continuous swim 30sec Rest interval (reduce the rest interval as and when can)
2 x 4L - Continuous kick - this will become harder as the distance increases concentrate on long loose legs and floppy feet. (the toning to your gluteals will be great!! and an added bonus) 30sec Rest Interval
4 x 1L - Sprint - going as fast as you can then rest for a maximum of 30sec. When able reduce the amount of rest - you want to be 'almost back to normal' breathing before your start again.
4L - Swim - long slow strokes stretching out as you swim.

The McFadden McMeeken Phillips Nelson Women's Triathlon takes place in Nelson city.

It starts from Branford Park, which is at the start of the Maitai Valley (off Nile Street).
The finish is at Riverside Pool, Riverside Drive, Nelson (off Collingwood Street).

There is free event parking available in the Maitai Valley. However, this will be closed off once the event is underway and will not reopen until later in the day.

If choosing accommodation we suggest you look for something in or close to the CBD.

The 2017 Entrant List

Please note that this list is not complete and will be updated regularly between now and event day (it is manually uploaded, so takes a little time to update).

Pre Event Emailers:
If you have entered more than one person on the same email address please note that only one email will be sent, addressed to one person only (the system won't send two emails to the same email address).

Entry confirmation (sent directly upon entering)
Pre Event Emailer #1: sent Thursday 23rd March
Pre Event Emailer #2: sent Sunday 26th March


Generation Challenge

Eileen Beattie & Eloise Beattie
Grace Catley & Beth Catley
Sam Franklin & Helena Franklin
Rebecca Hardiman & Brooklyn & Erica Hardiman
Amanda Howard & Bridie Howard
Debbie Kempthorne & Kate Kempthorne
Eliza Marchant & Bridget Marchant
Maree Peter & Sam Meade
Brenda Thomson & Jaunita Thomson


NBS Workmates Challenge

Craig Anderson Accountants Alicia Chapman & Gail Christian  
DOC Renwick Jan Clayton-Greene & Joy Crump  
Little Footprints Chloe Ashworth & Kim Loftus  
Marlborough Primary Health Jenni Gane & Deb Healy  
Nelson Marlborough DHB Ros Pochin & Carmen Ruiz & Rie Burrows
Riverside pool Jaimee Erskine & Georgina Tarr  
RWCA Jo Clementson & Helen Palmer  


BFF Challenge

Amy Dalton & Nicki Nicholas
Chelsea Duckmanton & Amber Lawson
Clare Fleming & Sarah Gibbs
Jaz Genever & Jemma Gaffa
Angela Greggains & Nicola Taylor &  Elizabeth Yarham
Julia Hardacre & Jane Morgan
Sarcha Hart & Katie Clark
Julie Hunter & Caroline Langford
Joy James & Wendy Gabby
Josie Palmer & Helena Franklin
Geraldine Piper & Cathy Williams
Genevieve Sanders & Beth Catley
Kathy Smith & Lyn Smith
Teresa Weir & Dannah Emms
Fiona Young & Ruth Leckey


Run Triathlon

Emma Albury Under 30 FT  
Nicki Alexander 40 - 49    
Tanya Andrews 40 - 49    
Chloe Ashworth Under 30    
Tracy Barclay 40 - 49    
Leanne Barnes 30 - 39    
Philippa Barnes 50 - 59    
Eileen Beattie 60 - 69    
Mel Beattie 30 - 39   New MUM
Eloise Beattie Year 7 - 13 FT  
Karen Berge 50 - 59    
Amber Bonny 30 - 39    
Rebecca Bramley 30 - 39 FT  
Rie Burrows 40 - 49    
Theresa Bygate 50 - 59    
Sue Carn 50 - 59    
Bridget Cassidy 40 - 49    
Beth Catley 30 - 39    
Jen Cederman 30 - 39    
Alicia Chapman 30 - 39    
Gail Christian 40 - 49    
Jo Clementson 40 - 49    
Marine Conrad 30 - 39 FT  
Antoinette Crowther 40 - 49    
Amy Dalton 30 - 39    
Emma Downey 30 - 39 FT  
Chelsea Duckmanton Under 30    
Jennifer Duff 40 - 49 FT  
Nick Eade 50 - 59    
Jo Eden 40 - 49    
Dannah Emms 30 - 39 FT  
Jaimee Erskine Under 30    
Lani Evans Under 30    
Holly Ewens-Smith Under 30 FT  
Janne Falkner 60 - 69    
Robyn Fenselau 40 - 49 FT New MUM
Clare Fleming 30 - 39 FT  
Sarah Foote 40 - 49 FT  
Sam Franklin Under 30    
Helena Franklin 50 - 59    
Wendy Gabby 50 - 59    
Jemma Gafa Under 30    
Elizabeth George 40 - 49 FT  
Sarah Gibbs 30 - 39 FT New MUM
Emma Gray 30 - 39 FT  
Angela Greggains 40 - 49 FT  
Vanessa Gundry 50 - 59    
Victoria Hall 40 - 49    
Julia Hardacre 40 - 49 FT  
Erica Hardiman Year 7 - 13    
Brooklyn Hardiman Year 7 - 13    
Rebecca Hardiman 40 - 49    
Francesca Harris Under 30    
Deb Healy 50 - 59    
Summer Hebberd 30 - 39    
Nicola Hodges 30 - 39    
Tracy Holdaway 40 - 49    
Keziah Holland Year 7 - 13    
Diane Homer 60 - 69 FT  
Melanie Houghton 40 - 49 FT  
Amanda Howard 30 - 39    
Bridie Howard Year 7 - 13    
Shannyn Hunter Under 30    
Julie Hunter 50 - 59    
Meika Inwood 30 - 39 FT  
Joy James 40 - 49    
Mackenzie rose Jefferson Under 30    
Jennie Johnson 50 - 59    
Shelby Keen 30 - 39 FT  
Debbie Kempthorne 50 - 59    
Kate Kempthorne Under 30    
Leah Keown 40 - 49 FT  
Karen Kerr 50 - 59 FT  
Fran Kerse 60 - 69    
Heather Laas 30 - 39    
Caroline Langford 40 - 49    
Gaylene Lausen 40 - 49 FT  
Amber Lawson 30 - 39    
Ruth Leckey 50 - 59    
Rachel Lines Under 30 FT  
Kim Loftus Under 30    
Eliza Marchant Year 7 - 13    
Bridget Marchant 40 - 49    
Linda Mason 50 - 59    
Lucy McClintock Under 30 FT  
Florence McNabb Year 7 - 13 FT  
Fiona McNeill 30 - 39    
Paula Meer 40 - 49    
Holly Mills Under 30 FT  
Julie Milmine 30 - 39 FT New MUM
Brooke Moffat Under 30 FT  
Lise Moody 40 - 49    
Jane Morgan 40 - 49    
Nicki Nicholas 40 - 49    
Sinead Ogilvie Under 30    
Helen Palmer 50 - 59    
Josie Palmer 50 - 59    
Samantha Pearson 40 - 49    
Susannah Peckham 50 - 59    
Lauren Penney 30 - 39   New MUM
Geraldine Piper 60 - 69    
Geraldine Piper 60 - 69    
Ros Pochin 40 - 49    
Jill Potts 30 - 39    
Samantha Radley Under 30    
Merryn Royal 40 - 49    
Carmen Ruiz 40 - 49 FT  
Genevieve Sanders 30 - 39    
Melanie Savill 50 - 59 FT  
Tracy Sawtell 30 - 39 FT  
Inge Schepers 40 - 49 FT  
Elaine Sheridan 60 - 69    
Selina Smith 30 - 39    
Gill Smith 60 - 69    
Lyn Smith 50 - 59    
Kathy Smith 60 - 69    
Tracy Sowerbutts 30 - 39    
Lisa Stanley 40 - 49    
Andrea Staufer 30 - 39    
Jenelle Strickland 30 - 39    
Georgina Tarr Under 30    
Jocelyn Taylor 40 - 49   New MUM
Nicola Taylor 40 - 49 FT  
Michelle Thomas 50 - 59    
Brenda Thomson 50 - 59    
Jaunita Thomson Under 30    
Natalie Tregidga 30 - 39 FT  
Steph Trengrove Under 30    
Jamiee Trethowan 30 - 39    
Anna Vesty 30 - 39   New MUM
Gillian Watson 40 - 49    
Teresa Weir 30 - 39    
Lili Wenzel 30 - 39    
Kat Wiggins 30 - 39    
Cathy Williams 30 - 39    
Elizabeth Yarham 40 - 49 FT  
Fiona Young 50 - 59    


Sarah Foote Carol Foote Lucinda Lindsay
Anne Sofield Leah Fletcher  Paige Sofield
Kim Weatherhead Suzie Edmonds Kim Weatherhead

Walk Triathlon

Megan Birss 40 - 49 FT  
Liz Blanchet 40 - 49 FT  
Grace Catley 50 - 59    
Miriam Clark 40 - 49    
Jasmine Clark Year 7 - 13    
Katie Clark 30 - 39 FT  
Jan Clayton-Greene 50 - 59    
Karen Cocksedge 60 - 69    
Gwen Connor 50 - 59    
Beverley Cory 60 - 69    
Nicki Cottle 40 - 49    
Joy Crump 50 - 59    
Mary Demlyn 40 - 49    
Jill Dickinson 70 +    
Jenny Eade 70 +    
Lynley Everett Howey 40 - 49    
Debbie Fitzpatrick 30 - 39   New MUM
Jenni Gane 40 - 49 FT  
Jaz Genever Under 30    
Aroha Gilling 40 - 49 FT  
Marianne Goldie 30 - 39 FT  
Sarcha Hart 30 - 39 FT  
Caroline Holland Under 30    
Sue Holmes 50 - 59    
Denise Howey 40 - 49    
Fiona Ingham 30 - 39    
Samantha Iorns 30 - 39    
Sheryl Jarden 40 - 49 FT  
Tayla Jopson Year 7 - 13 FT  
Nicki King 60 - 69 FT  
Caren McBride 50 - 59    
Kathy McConnon 30 - 39    
Cynthia McConville 70 + FT  
Sandy McKay 50 - 59    
Karen McLean 30 - 39 FT  
Sam Meade Under 30    
Kim Meyer 30 - 39   New MUM
Lynette Miller 40 - 49    
Niki Muaror 40 - 49    
Maree Peter 50 - 59    
Wendy Peterson 50 - 59    
Susan Proctor 50 - 59 FT  
Megan Robinson 50 - 59    
Kieley Robinson 40 - 49    
Sophie Short Under 30    
Penny Short 50 - 59 FT  
Jocelyn Shutte 40 - 49    
Kathryn Slade 50 - 59 FT  
Suzie Taylor 30 - 39    
Stephanie Trevena 50 - 59    
Suzanne Vree 40 - 49 FT  
Angela Wadsworth 50 - 59 FT  
Amy Wilson 40 - 49    
Beth Wright Under 30    


What time should I go the Branford Park on race day?
What happens at registration?
What else do I need to do at Branford Park?
What should I wear to compete in?
Should I name my clothing?
What happens when I finish?
How is my time recorded?
Can my partner or supporter collect my bike?
When is Prizegiving?
Can I use cycle shoes?
Is there food and drink available at the finish?
What is the difference between Registering and Entering?
Is there any way I can get some clothing and a towel taken to the finish for me?

What time should I go the Branford Park on race day?

Registration is from 7.15am to 8.00am. We suggest you come along early to avoid the queues that build up as times goes on. Early registration gives you more time to make sure you are ready for the start (and time to head to the toilet a couple of times for all those nerves)

What happens at registration?

You will be asked for your registration certificate (this will be emailed to all competitors in the week prior to the event, so please make sure you have supplied your correct email address). The marshalls will then give you your 'race numbers'. These are two stickers, one is to be placed on your bike for easy identification after the event, the other is to go on your helmet. You will also be 'body numbered' - this is where your 'race number' is written onto your hand and leg by our crew.  The reason you also need to be body numbered is for results calculation once you exit the pool, and also for our event crew and event photographers to identify you throughout the course.

What else do I need to do at Branford Park?

You will need to rack your bike on the bike stands inside transition. Its important that you remember where you have placed your bike so that when you enter transition after the run or walk you can go directly to your bike (and not try and find it)! Look for visual aids, such as what your bike is lined up with, or count the number of rows from where you will enter transition to where your bike is racked. Please rack your bike first and then come over to collect your race pack (that way there is less congestion). Please note that only participants are allowed into transition area, supporters, family and friends must wait outside the transition area.

You will need to get your race number written on your hand and leg (please been dressed in the shorts you are going to wear for the triathlon) by one of our marshalls - (please note you cannot number yourself - this must be done by one of our official marshalls, this is a safety control measure)

What should I wear to compete in?

You should wear clothing that you feel comfortable running or walking and cycling in. Make sure you have practised in this gear before the event as you want to make sure you don't rub or have anything annoying you. You may like to rub vaseline between your legs and under your bra strap to help avoid chaffing.

A lot of ladies wear their swimming togs underneath their clothing so that when they get to the pool they can just strip off their top and shorts and be ready to swim, others just wear a sports bra and tight fitting shorts which they also swim in. Some people don't like to take their clothes off and just swim in their exercise kit, but remember any loose clothing will add drag in the pool and slow you down! You can always get changed at the pool if you prefer.

When swimming you may like to wear goggles - you will have to carry these with you as you do not return to the start line - your bike is left in Dommett Strett and then you run/walk to the pool.

Should I name my clothing?

It is very wise to name your shoes and helmet (and any clothing you intend taking off for the swim). This can avoid a lot of confusion when collecting your gear afterwards.

What happens when I finish?

You will be given a disc that will have a number on it - you must take this to the recorder and have your race number written next to your numbered disc (remember your race number is on your hand already from Registration) - this is how we idenify you for results calculation and this also places you in the spot prize draw at Prizegiving. Then you leave the pool area via the side door, that takes you to the grass celebration area outside the pool. Here there will be fresh fruit and water. This is where you can high five your family and supporters and relive your event.

Once you have sufficiently recovered, make your way back to the gear drop off and pick up your helmet and shoes (under marshall's direction) and then make your way back to the bike drop off area. Please use the grass and not the path, as remember, there are still competitors making their way to the pool to finish their triathlon and they will appreciate a clear pathway to the pool.

How is my time recorded?

As you exit the pool you will be given a disc. This is so we can match your time with your number. Take the disc to the recording table where the marshalls will take the disc and want to see your number. Please then move on to avoid congestion at the end of the pool, take care though and stick to the blue mats as the floor can get slippy. Your time has been recorded once you reach the end of the final lap of the pool, so no need to 'race' to the recording desk (as your time has already been recorded prior).  Exit the pool area via the side doors onto the decking. Remember to go back and collect your shoes, helmet etc and then your bike. For security purposes you must collect your own gear.

Can my partner or supporter collect my bike?

No. For security reasons only you can collect your bike and gear.

When is Prizegiving?

The event prizegiving will be held at 2.00pm at the Nelson College for Girls Gymnasium. We also recommend you check out the fabulous prize table before prizegiving starts so that if your name is called you have some idea of what prize you would like to choose.

Can I use cycle shoes?

Most certainly, however, bear in mind that when you complete the cycle leg you will be running or walking approximately 400m to the pool. You will need to leave your shoes on the bike or carry them with you to the pool.

Is there food and drink available at the finish?

Yes - there will be fresh cut up fruit for every finisher and cold water. Don't rush away, soak up the atmosphere - the river bank is a great place to relax, reflect and celebrate. 

Please also remember to be considerate of your fellow triathletes who are still moving from the bike drop area to the pool - stay off the path and give them room to finish their event.

What is the difference between Registering and Entering?

Entering is when you complete an entry form (either online entry or paper entry), pay and enter the event.

Registration is when you pick up your race numbers.

All entrants are sent (via email) a Registration Certificate in the week before the actual event, that you need to print, fill in and bring with you to Registration. This updates our safety information needed for the day and makes registration more efficient for you and our crew.

Is there any way I can get some clothing and a towel taken to the finish for me?

Yes, there will be a designated vehicle at the start (by Registration) for you to put any gear you want taken to the finish line. This will be available for collection outside of Riverside Pool. Just pop it in a small bag and label the bag with your event number (given to you on event day - there will be marker pens and bag labels for you to use at the Registration area)

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