McFadden McMeeken Phillips Nelson Women's Trailathlon

Sun, 24/03/2019 Sunday March 24th 2019

Thank you to all those Women who took part in the 31st Edition and meet the challenge of the Trail course.

We have sent an survey request to your emails and ask that you take the time to give us feedback on the day.



The Trail-Athlon Edition

The majority of the event will be based on the Maitai Valley trails with road cycles replaced with mountain bikes for the cycle leg. Tar-seal is kept to a minimum in both the run/walk and cycle disciplines with competitors sure to enjoy the achievable course.


Runner or Walker

Under 15 / Under 20 / 20-29 / 30-39 / 40-49 / 50-59 / 60-69 / 70+

Order of Disciplines

Run/Walk followed by Cycle followed by Run/Walk finishing with Swim



Special Early Entry Prize Draws

We will have special prize giveaway draws for those that enter early - the earlier you enter, the more prize draws you will automatically be entered into.

Event Merchandise

Commemorative Engraved Glass - $20

Event Cap - $25

Event DAy rules

  • For the safety of all participants we do not permit you to be accompanied throughout the triathlon (adults or children) ie. no buggies, or children in child bike seats etc. This includes vehicles, or cycles - there are numerous points your supporters can watch you participate, alongside you for the event is not one of them.
  • Please obey our marshall's directions. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.  They are there for your safety.
  • Wearing/using ipods, mp3 players, walkmans etc is not allowed.  Remember, that the road is open to traffic, therefore we need you to be able to listen out for vehicles and other entrants.
  • Only participants will be allowed in the transition area. This protects your bike AND everyone else's as well!
  • You will need to put your helmet on and fasten it before taking your bike from the bike rack.  Walk your bike to the transition area exit, and then walk your bike to the mount line (coned flags).  Once you have crossed the bike mount line, you can then hop onto your bike and start your cycle up the valley.
  • There are a few narrower sections of track in the bike course, the first is not long after leaving the road and passing through the first gate.  This is a NO PASS area.  It is too narrow to pass here, so for this approx. 400m section you will need to cycle single file.  If you are a slower, or not as confident rider, please consider pulling off to the side of the track and letting riders through here.  The same applies to the section through the rocks nearing the end of the mountainbike. 


  • Everyone must walk inside the pool complex.  (Care is required around the pool - it gets very slippery)!
  • Follow the instructions of the marshalls and if you feel you need some assistance then call out to one of the lifeguards.


Race Day Registration

7.15am to 8.00am at Branford Park, Maitai Valley.

At Registration, you will hand over your completed Registration Certificate (which will be emailed to you in the week prior to the event or we will have available for you to complete on Event Day morning).  Our event crew will then give you your event stickers and will body number you.  The smaller sticker is to be placed on your bike, to ease collection of your bike once you have finished the event, and the larger sticker is to go on your helmet.

Body Numbering: you will have a number written on your leg and hand.  This enables us to record your finish time at the end of the event.  To assist with identification we ask you to attempt to keep this number clearly visible at all times (it also helps our photographer identify the fantastic faces he/she is snapping).

Briefing : A briefing will be conducted at 8.05am just outside transition (in the registration area).


MiGym Warm Up


Start Time

Registration and briefing is the same time for both runners and walkers.


This is the area where you will leave your bike and helmet. 

Only participants will be allowed in the transition area. This protects your bike AND everyone else's as well!

You will need to collect your own bike post race - please don't ask supporters to collect this on your behalf - for security reasons only you can collect your bike.

The Course

Please note that the road is open to traffic and therefore Road Rules apply at ALL times. 

Both the run/walk and bike routes are mainly 'off road' meaning that you'll be on the trails of the Maitai Valley.  Please take care if passing another participant, faster entrant to call 'coming through' and pass on the river side of the track, where safe to. 



This is a  mixture of road and easy off road trail within the lower Maitai Valley. If you are in the running category you are allowed to run and walk as want.  Walkers are ONLY allowed to walk.



You will need to put your helmet on and fasten it before taking your bike from the bike rack.  Walk your bike to the transition area exit, and then walk your bike to the mount line (coned flags).  Once you have crossed the bike mount line, you can then hop onto your bike and start your cycle up the valley.



From transition its up the Maitai Valley Road towards the Maitai Valley Camp where you cross over the bridge and head left up to the pipeline bridge stile.  From there it’s a short Tantragee Saddle loop and back along the tranquil Maitai River Trail into transition.



Through the letterbox trail and across the Botanics field, over the footbridge and down to Riverside Pool.  Making sure you follow the instruction of marshalls to cross the road safely. Once you arrive at Riverside Pool there will be a fenced and marshalled area for you to take off shoes and other clothing you don't want to swim in.


4 lengths

Everyone must walk inside the pool complex.  (Care is required around the pool - it gets very slippery)!

You will enter Riverside Pool.  If you need to remove prescription glasses then you can leave these with one of the pool marshalls. Please let us know if you need help to collect them once you exit the pool.

Walk up the steps and then down to the far end (shallow end) of the pool.  Walk down the steps and you can then begin your first length.  Please note that we don't allow competitors to dive into the pool.

There will be flutter boards and aqua belts at the steps if you wish to use them.

Follow the instructions of the marshalls and if you feel you need some assistance then call out to one of the lifeguards.

When you have finished your first length, you will move under the lane rope and into lane 2.  You will then swim up the pool to complete your second length.  At the end of your second length, go under the lane rope and then swim down to complete length three.  Then, once again, under the lane rope and swim up the pool to complete your final length in lane 4.

You will be moving under lane ropes to enable you to start on one side of the pool and finish on the other.
Once you touch the end of the pool in lane 4, the finish line marshall will press the button on their electronic timing machine.  This automatically records your time.  A second marshall will then assist you to exit the pool in finish line order, and further marshalls will then record your 'race' number.  This allows us to match you and your time.  Please move efficiently out of the pool once finished, to help us avoid too much congestion at the finish area.  Once your number is recorded, you will then have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the post-event festivities in the celebration area outside the pool.  Well done!


Your time stops when you complete your fourth length of the pool. After completing your swim please exit the pool as quickly as possible (to minimise congestion at the end of the pool). As you leave the water you will be given a numbered disc. Hand this disc to the recorder who will need to see your race number as well so that we can accurately record your triathlon time (your time will be recorded on a separate computer when you finish your fourth length). 
Outside the pool there will be water and fresh fruit available to refuel and rehydrate.  Relax and celebrate your achievement!

Collecting your shoes

Return to 'Riverside Pool drop-off' area and when convenient with marshall collect your shoes and items of clothing. We recommend you mark your shoes for easy identification.

Collecting your bike and Helmet

Please consider other triathletes still using the pathway to start their swim, and step off the pathway to give them a clear path to the pool (and give them a good cheer as well). You bike and helmet will remain in the secure transition in the Maitai Valley until you collect them.


We recommend supporters leave their cars in Nile Street (past Tasman St) or in Tory St to be outside the course area to lessen the risk for triathlon participants and to avoid any inconvenience.  Parking will be available in Branford Park, however, vehicles will be requested to remain parked until the last competitor leaves transistion to head for the pool.

At the pool - if you would like to watch your participant complete their swim, the entry and exit point to the pool is via the main entrance.  There is limited room inside the pool, so please limit your time in the pool to watching your participant, then exit the same way you entered and make your way to the celebration area.

We look forward to having you come along and sharing the day with your partner, mother, daughter, friend, however, we ask that you are considerate to all and follow the instructions of event crew who are there to make the event safe and enjoyable for all participants.


Prizegiving venue and time :  Branford Park (by Registration).  11.30am (tbc)

Remember that to claim a spot prize you must be present at prizegiving.  There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs which any entrant has the chance to win, along with an additional challenge prize pool.

Further Information

Please contact Averil on 021303160 or Abbe 021 2814560  or email

Don't forget to check out the Questions Signpost (click on the right of the screen).We are always looking to add questions and answers. So please don't be afraid to email us any queries, chances are someone else is also wondering.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawals must be received in writing to PO Box 129, Nelson, 7040 or via email to
Withdrawals received before March 16th 2018 will incur a $15 administration fee. Withdrawals after March 16th 2018 will not be eligible for a refund. 

Please note that we do not allow entries to be transferred to other competitors, other events or future events.

Changing your Entry Category

If you would like to change your entry type since entering, eg Run to Walk, or Walk to Run then please email us your change request before the Tuesday prior to event day.


ENTRY TO THE 2019 Event will open in December

The McFadden McMeeken Phillips Nelson Women's Triathlon takes place in Nelson city.

It starts from Branford Park, which is at the start of the Maitai Valley (off Nile Street).
The finish is at Riverside Pool, Riverside Drive, Nelson (off Collingwood Street).

There is free event parking available in the Maitai Valley. However, this will be closed off once the event is underway and will not reopen until later in the day.

If choosing accommodation we suggest you look for something in or close to the CBD.

The 2018 Entrant List

Please note that this list is not complete and will be updated regularly between now and event day (it is manually uploaded, so takes a little time to update).

Pre Event Emailers:
If you have entered more than one person on the same email address please note that only one email will be sent, addressed to one person only (the system won't send two emails to the same email address).

Entry confirmation (sent directly upon entering)

Pre-Event Emailer #1: sent Sunday 18th March

Pre-Event Emailer #2: sent Tuesday 20th March


first_Name last_Name Cat Location Event
Nicki Alexander 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Tracy Barclay 40 - 49 Nelson Walker   
Samantha Bartlett 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Sue Beetham 40 - 49 Motueka Walker   
Jacinda Beyer-Rieger 50 - 59 Nelson Runner
Justine Blankenstein 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Amber Bonny 30 - 39 Upper Moutere Runner
Annette Bormolini 40 - 49 Hope Walker   
Dena Bracken-Tipene 20 - 29 Nelson Runner
Mel Brereton 40 - 49 Nelson Walker   
Sapphire Carter 20 - 29 Nelson Walker   
Bridget Cassidy 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Grace Catley 50 - 59 Stoke Runner
Jan Clayton-Greene 50 - 59 Renwick Walker   
Nicola Clements 40 - 49 Wakefield Runner
Abbi Clements Under 15 Wakefield Runner
Gwen Connor 50 - 59 Nelson Walker   
Beverley Cory 70 + Rai Valley Walker   
Angela Craig 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Joy crump 50 - 59 Renwick Walker   
Maxine Day 40 - 49 Richmond Runner
Jill Dickinson 70 + Richmond Walker   
Tracy Farrell 50 - 59 Nelson Walker   
Rachael Forsyth 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Helena Franklin 50 - 59 Stoke Runner
Courtney Gravett 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Emma Gray 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Donna Griffith 40 - 49 Mapua Runner
Marie Grooby 50 - 59 Nelson Runner
Ciara Halkett 30 - 39 Richmond Runner
Tracey Heaven 40 - 49 Upper Moutere Runner
Summer Hebberd 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Nicola Hodges 30 - 39 Stoke Runner
Kirsty Hunter 20 - 29 Motueka Runner
Monique Ireland 20 - 29 Richmond Runner
Louise Jackson 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Amy Johnson 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Leslie Jones 60 - 69 Nelson Walker   
Emma Kain 30 - 39 Richmond Runner
Jennifer Kelly 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Kate Kempthorne 20 - 29 Brightwater Runner
Debbie Kempthorne 50 - 59 Nelson Runner
Fran Kerse 60 - 69 Richmond Runner
Yasna Keys 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Heather Kinzett 40 - 49 Murchison Walker   
Janie Latchford 20 - 29 Nelson Runner
Ruth Leckey 50 - 59 Nelson Runner
Kate Leggett 40 - 49 Nelson Walker   
Marion Malcolm 60 - 69 Nelson Runner
Katie Malthus 20 - 29 Richmond Runner
Sue Malthus 50 - 59 Richmond Walker   
Jonelle Mckay 30 - 39 Richmond Walker   
Rebecca McMahon 20 - 29 Richmond Runner
Bekah Millson 20 - 29 Richmond Runner
Rachel Moffitt 20 - 29 Richmond Runner
Cheryl Monahan 50 - 59 Murchison Runner
Marcia Montgomery 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Lise Moody 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Joanne Moon 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Eva Mrazikova 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Brigitte Murdoch 50 - 59 Pinehaven Runner
Jenna Neame 30 - 39 Motueka Runner
Sarah Nyssen 20 - 29 Nelson Walker   
Lisa Page 30 - 39 Stoke Runner
Josie Palmer 50 - 59 Richmond Runner
Rebecca Partridge 30 - 39 Blenheim Runner
Jasmin Patel Under 15 Nelson Runner
Nicki Peacey 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Alana Pearce 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Jane Pearson 50 - 59 Nelson Runner
Samantha Pearson 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Susannah Peckham 50 - 59 Nelson Runner
Lauren Penney 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Amanda Peter 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Hannah Petherick 20 - 29 Nelson Runner
Sharon Petrie 40 - 49 Stoke Walker   
Leila Puata-Coppins 40 - 49 Nelson Walker   
Kylie Reeves 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Lucy Reith Under 15 Nelson Runner
Charlotte Reith 40 - 49 Nelson Walker   
Michelle Richardson 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Amanda Riedel 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Elizabeth Riley 50 - 59 Murchison Runner
Alice Robinson 30 - 39 Wakefield Runner
Merryn Royal 40 - 49 Wakefield Runner
Melanie Savill 50 - 59 Stoke Runner
Tracey Shanks 40 - 49 Richmond Runner
Erin Sheehan 30 - 39 Stoke Runner
Sarah Sherratt 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Alysia Simkin 20 - 29 Nelson Runner
Jennifer Singleton 50 - 59 Nelson Walker   
Kathy Smith 60 - 69 Nelson Runner
Ginny Smith 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Lyn Smith 50 - 59 Nelson Runner
Jess Stephens 30 - 39 Stoke Walker   
Jenny Symons 70 + Stoke Walker   
Tonia Talbot 40 - 49 Richmond Runner
Jocelyn Taylor 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Sophie Thomas Under 15 Nelson Runner
Rebecca Thomson 40 - 49 Stoke Runner
Rachel Tobin 40 - 49 Nelson Runner
Natalie Tregidga 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Stephanie Trevena 50 - 59 Nelson Walker   
Rachael Voyce 30 - 39 Nelson Walker   
Angela Whitney 40 - 49 Murchison Runner
Amy Wilson 30 - 39 Wakefield Runner
Melissa Wincer 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Claire Wouters 30 - 39 Nelson Runner
Fiona Young 50 - 59 Richmond Runner
Nicola Zielinski 30 - 39 Nelson Runner


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What time should I go the Branford Park on race day?
What happens at registration?
What else do I need to do at Branford Park?
What should I wear to compete in?
Should I name my clothing?
What happens when I finish?
How is my time recorded?
Can my partner or supporter collect my bike?
When is Prizegiving?
Can I use cycle shoes?
Is there food and drink available at the finish?
What is the difference between Registering and Entering?
Is there any way I can get some clothing and a towel taken to the finish for me?
What kind of bike should I use?

What time should I go the Branford Park on race day?

Registration is from 7.15am to 8.00am. We suggest you come along early to avoid the queues that build up as times goes on. Early registration gives you more time to make sure you are ready for the start (and time to head to the toilet a couple of times for all those nerves)

What happens at registration?

You will be asked for your registration certificate (this will be emailed to all competitors in the week prior to the event, so please make sure you have supplied your correct email address). The marshalls will then give you your 'race numbers'. These are two stickers, one is to be placed on your bike for easy identification after the event, the other is to go on your helmet. You will also be 'body numbered' - this is where your 'race number' is written onto your hand and leg by our crew.  The reason you also need to be body numbered is for results calculation once you exit the pool, and also for our event crew to identify you throughout the course.

What else do I need to do at Branford Park?

You will need to rack your bike on the bike stands inside transition. Its important that you remember where you have placed your bike so that when you enter transition after the run or walk you can go directly to your bike (and not try and find it)! Look for visual aids, such as what your bike is lined up with, or count the number of rows from where you will enter transition to where your bike is racked. Please rack your bike first and then come over to collect your race pack (that way there is less congestion). Please note that only participants are allowed into transition area, supporters, family and friends must wait outside the transition area.

You will need to get your race number written on your hand and leg (please been dressed in the shorts you are going to wear for the triathlon) by one of our marshalls - (please note you cannot number yourself - this must be done by one of our official marshalls, this is a safety control measure)

What should I wear to compete in?

You should wear clothing that you feel comfortable running or walking and cycling in. Make sure you have practised in this gear before the event as you want to make sure you don't rub or have anything annoying you. You may like to rub vaseline between your legs and under your bra strap to help avoid chaffing.

A lot of ladies wear their swimming togs underneath their clothing so that when they get to the pool they can just strip off their top and shorts and be ready to swim, others just wear a sports bra and tight fitting shorts which they also swim in. Some people don't like to take their clothes off and just swim in their exercise kit, but remember any loose clothing will add drag in the pool and slow you down! You can always get changed at the pool if you prefer.

When swimming you may like to wear goggles - you will have to carry these with you as you do not return to the start line - your bike is left in Dommett Strett and then you run/walk to the pool.

Should I name my clothing?

It is very wise to name your shoes and helmet (and any clothing you intend taking off for the swim). This can avoid a lot of confusion when collecting your gear afterwards.

What happens when I finish?

You will be given a disc that will have a number on it - you must take this to the recorder and have your race number written next to your numbered disc (remember your race number is on your hand already from Registration) - this is how we idenify you for results calculation and this also places you in the spot prize draw at Prizegiving. Then you leave the pool area via the side door, that takes you to the grass celebration area outside the pool. Here there will be fresh fruit and water. This is where you can high five your family and supporters and relive your event.

Once you have sufficiently recovered, make your way back to the gear drop off and pick up your shoes (under marshall's direction) and then make your way back to the Maitai Valley. Please use the grass and not the path, as remember, there are still competitors making their way to the pool to finish their triathlon and they will appreciate a clear pathway to the pool.

How is my time recorded?

As you exit the pool you will be given a disc. This is so we can match your time with your number. Take the disc to the recording table where the marshalls will take the disc and want to see your number. Please then move on to avoid congestion at the end of the pool, take care though and stick to the blue mats as the floor can get slippy. Your time has been recorded once you reach the end of the final lap of the pool, so no need to 'race' to the recording desk (as your time has already been recorded prior).  Exit the pool area via the side doors onto the decking. Remember to go back and collect your shoes and clothing and then back to the Maitai Valley for prizegiving and to collect your bike. For security purposes you must collect your own gear.

Can my partner or supporter collect my bike?

No. For security reasons only you can collect your bike and gear.

When is Prizegiving?

The event prizegiving time will be approx 11.30am (to be confirmed shortly).  This will be at Branford Park (where transition for your bike is).

Can I use cycle shoes?

Most certainly.

Is there food and drink available at the finish?

Yes - there will be fresh cut up fruit for every finisher and cold water. Don't rush away, soak up the atmosphere - the river bank is a great place to relax, reflect and celebrate. 

Please also remember to be considerate of your fellow triathletes who are still moving from the bike drop area to the pool - stay off the path and give them room to finish their event.

What is the difference between Registering and Entering?

Entering is when you complete an entry form (either online entry or paper entry), pay and enter the event.

Registration is when you pick up your race numbers.

All entrants are sent (via email) a Registration Certificate in the week before the actual event, that you need to print, fill in and bring with you to Registration. This updates our safety information needed for the day and makes registration more efficient for you and our crew.

Is there any way I can get some clothing and a towel taken to the finish for me?

Yes, there will be a designated vehicle at the start (by Registration) for you to put any gear you want taken to the finish line. This will be available for collection outside of Riverside Pool. Just pop it in a small bag and label the bag with your event number (given to you on event day - there will be marker pens and bag labels for you to use at the Registration area)

What kind of bike should I use?

You need a bike that can comfortably go off-road.

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