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McFadden McMeeken Phillips Lawyers Nelson Women's Triathlon

We love to hear your personal stories! Please share them with all of us!! Here is Carena's story as printed in the Nelson Mail recently


Dig a hole and hide in it or choose a direction to avoid it.

Wakefield single mother Carena Scott changed direction midway through last year to make a better future for herself and her 11-year-old daughter.

Diagnosed with pre-diabetes and warned by her doctor about the effects on her health - now and in the future - of being overweight, Scott has lost 31kg in just under 12 months.

Being a lifelong non-sports person - the classic couch potato - she began walking. She also became more selective about what she was eating, making fruit and vegetables the first choice and leaving cakes and biscuits on the plate.

"Finally, a brain shift," she said. "No more dieting, a time for a lifestyle change . . . an exercise plan."

She began with a 20-minute daily walk, which she has built up to 26,000 (counted on her pedometer) steps. That's around three hours.

Add to that kayaking and tramping in Abel Tasman National Park, paddleboarding and the Buller half marathon, and she's now ready for another challenge - the McFadden McMeeken Phillips Lawyers Nelson Women's Triathlon.

It's another experience she would not have dreamed of, or even considered, just a year ago. Now that she is active, anything is possible.

On Sunday, April 6, Scott will join hundreds of other women in the Maitai Valley for the annual event.

Nelson Events spokeswoman Averil West said this was what the triathlon was all about.

"This triathlon brings together women from all walks of life - many with inspirational stories," West said. "I find it so humbling to see them complete the triathlon, knowing the journey they have taken hasn't been easy but they have conquered, gaining the confidence and motivation to keep striving on.

"It's wonderful. I've shed many tears with awesome women like Carena. I encourage other women on journeys to take this challenge, and others to join in and experience the strength they show."

For some, the challenge is overcoming health hurdles; for others, it's mastering the three disciplines. The triathlon doesn't include a teams section.

"Right now, I know of several women getting on a bicycle for the first time in 30 years, while others are working hard to hone their swimming skills," West said.

"The beauty of Riverside Pool [is] that it is possible to walk half of each length if they find the full distance a bit much to swim, and we also encourage any [competitors] lacking in confidence to use one of the kick boards that will be placed at the end of the pool."

The triathlon - a 5km run or 3km walk, a 13km cycle leg, and four lengths of Riverside Pool - is open to all women and girls from year 7 (intermediate age).