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Joined: 16/12/2010
Dun Run down to last 10 Spots

290 are on The Dun Run’s September 1st startline, leaving only 10 places left in the long standing trailrun into the “backwoods of Nelson”

This year Nelson Events have added a Long Option, approximately 38kms,which starts from the Trafalgar Street Bridge and winds its way up the Maitai Valley along the river trail
At Smiths Ford the route heads inland up Big Hill Track and onto Bob Taylor Road before joining the Original Course competitors as they make their way on their 25km journey from the Dam.

All climb 878m to Coppermine Saddle but the ascent is quickly forgotten with the downward leg that follows the Dun Mountain Bus track which was NZ’s first railway line, albeit horse drawn in the late 18th Century.

Nelsonians comprise the bulk of the field with a healthy 100 travelling from outside the region.

Males number 155 , Females 135 whilst oldest at 75 has blown out 58 more birthday candles than the youngest at 17.

Prizegiving completes the “rail theme” with a sit down “pea, pie ‘pud” served at prizegiving, however not many of these would have been vegetarian or gluten free back in 1862.

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