The Dun Run

Sat, 09/09/2017 9th September 2017 ... less than 40 spots remain

THE Dun Run

23rd year in 2017

Rugged but runnable.

From the Maitai Dam, the route ascends the Dun Mountain Saddle (875m) following the south branch of the Maitai River.
Taking the Coppermine Saddle track and downhill along New Zealand's first railway line, returning to the ORIGINAL FINISH LINE, the OK Corral, Brook Street, Nelson.
This is a testing run - but not impossible.

Approximately 25km

Limited to 200 competitors

Chromite Bunch (under 2 hours) - pre 2010:
Martin Cox, 1.53.09, 2005; Andre Bonny, 1.55.20, 2016; Greg Fraine, 1.55.54, 1996; Kim Hogarth, 1.55.58, 2008; Tom Patchett, 1.56.08, 2016; Stu Cottam, 1.57.01, 1997; Colin Rolfe, 1.57.12, Tom Booth, 1.57.22, 2016; 1998; Greg Fraine, 1.58.26, 1995, Trevor Voyce, 1.59.33, 2009

Copper Bunch (under 2:25 hrs) - pre 2010:
Paula Canning, 2.05.28, 2016; Josie Wilcox, 2.12.14, Caitlin Fielder, 2.13.57, 2016; 2009; Fleur Lattimore, 2.16.36, 2009; Florence Van Dyke, 2.17.18, 2016; Carline MacDonald, 2.19.57, 2002; Samantha Sigle, 2.21.43, 2006; Jeanette Wright, 2.22.48, 2000; Andrea Priestley, 2.22.49, 1997; Frances Riley, 2.23.19, 2016; Tania Causer, 2.23.25, 2006.

Pre 2010 Course Race records (finish at OK Corrall)

Under 40 Martin Cox 1.53.09 2005 Josie Wilcox 2.12.14 2009
40-49 Colin Rolfe 2.01.18 2000 Carline Macdonald 2.25.05 2003
50-59 Bob Webster 2.19.29 2004 Loris Reed 3.02.35 2002
60+ Norman Carrington 2.31.00 2004 Pat Boland 3.34.58 2002

Race records 2010 onwards: (finish at Brook Waimarama Sanctuary)

Under 40 Vajin Armstrong 1.37.14 2011 Sophie Hart 1.52.58 2011
40-49 Graeme Taylor 1.36.42 2011 Paula Canning 1.51.29 2014
50-59 Greg Fraine 1.46.03 2014 Glenda Robinson 2.20.57 2010
60+ Norman Carrington 2.17.53 2011 Yvonne West 2.31.52 2013


The Course
(Rugged but runnable. Approximately 25km)
From the Maitai Dam, the route ascends the Dun Mountain Saddle (875m) following the south branch of the Maitai River.
Taking the Coppermine Saddle track and downhill along New Zealand's first railway line, along New Zealand's first railway line, finishing at the the OK Corral, Brook Street, Nelson.
This is a testing run - but not impossible.

If you can complete a half marathon in under 2.45 hours then you can enter The Dun Run
(so if you are a Trailwalker and meet the time criteria then you can enter The Dun Run in 2017)

Entry Fee: $45

Click on the Entry signpost to the right of the screen to find out how to enter this event.

Minimum Age
The minimum age of competitors is 16 years

Withdrawals must be received in writing, either to PO Box 129, Nelson, 7040 or via email to
Withdrawals received before the 20th of August will incur a $15.00 administration fee.
Withdrawals received after this date are not eligible for a refund.

Maitai Dam in wave starts, based on your honest half marathon estimate.
8.45am for 2.00hrs plus Half Marathon
9.15am for 1.40-1.59 hrs Half Marathon
9.30am for sub 1.40hrs Half Marathon

Transport will be available to the start, which is 12km from Nelson City.  Cost of $10 for this service.

Pick up for transport is from the OK Corral (the finish area, off Brook Street, Tantragee Rd).
Please park your vehicle on Brook Street itself (not within the OK Corral area as there is limited space)

The bus will depart at 7.15am.

Bookings are essential, please book upon entry.

Check In and Race Pack Collection
Check in and race pack (race number and any pre-ordered merchandise) collection is at the start line, the Matai Valley Dam, 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

There will be a designated vehicle for you to leave any gear you want taken through to the finish line (please keep this to a minimum).  Just check in with crew as to where to place this.

Event T-Shirts are available to purchase - $40 (pre-order only)
Event Caps - $25
Merchandise orders must be received by August 20th.

All competitors must carry the following minimum equipment on them at all times to cover all possible weather conditions:
* Polypropylene, or equivalent (eg woollen), top, hat and gloves
* Windproof parka/jacket
* Survival blanket
* Whistle
* Water

Please note that your gear must include a long sleeved garment.

There are no water stations on the course (this is a trail run) so you need to carry your own water with you.

Please note that for safety reasons use of ipod, mp3 player, Walkman or similar is not permitted.
Enjoy the surroundings of the Dun Mountain Area - the sounds are worth listening to as you enjoy your event.

Didymo - Stop the Spread
Didymo is an algae made up of cells that cannot be seen with the naked eye until large colonies form. It only takes one of these cells to survive and be transported to a nearby waterway for Didymo to spread. Didymo cells thrive in freshwater and if you are cleaning with freshwater you are helping to keep them alive. Didymo is an unwatned organism under the Biosecurity Act 1993. To help keep this area beautiful and pristine, please help to ensure you do not unwittingly help in the spread of didymo to this area.
Please clean your shoes prior to arriving in the area with hot, soapy water. For more information please visit

Faster runner to call 'passing' and slower runner to step to inside (landward side) of track.

Any medical conditions should be advised in writing at entry point, noted on your Event Registration Certificate, and also noted on the back of your race number (marker pens are available at Event Registration for this purpose)
Those who suffer adverse effects from wasp stings etc are reminded to carry appropriate medication and advise the organisers. Emergency medication to be carried by the competitor at all times. 

This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you encompass training on uneven terrain to prepare appropriately and to also familiarise yourself with the process of following trail/track markers.

The Finish
The OK Corral is the finish for the 2017 Dun Run.

Post-Race Function
Prizegiving 3.00pm

Performance and spot prizes will be awarded in all age groups.
(First only less than 7 entries, 2nd less than 10, 3rd if 10 or more).
Under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.
Numerous spot prizes will be awarded, however, to be eligible winners must be at the prizegiving function.

Dun Mountain Trail Map

There are two methods of entry

Enter online with a credit card

Enter with downloadable pdf entry form available by clicking below - this can be either emailed through to us at or by posting to Nelson Events, PO Box 129, Nelson, 7040.
Payment via this method can be made either by internet transfer or by cheque (payment details on form).

Happy training!

Click here to register online Download entry form

Training Plans based on a 30k Off Road Distance

This is a trail run, therefore it is important that you incorporate off road running into your training.

Beginner's Ten Week Training Plan - Martin Lukes

Intermediate Level Ten Week Training Plan

Advanced Level Ten Week Training Plan - Martin Lukes


The Dun Run starts at the Maitai Dam (about 12km from Nelson City).
Transport to the start is available and will leave the OK Corral (finish line area) at 7.15am ($10 cost). This must be pre-booked.
The finish is at the OK Corral, Brook St, Nelson.

Travelling from the North Island?

Coming from across the Strait?
Then check out the Interislander Group rates below
Nelson Events 2017

Booking Reference:        GM5605

The below rates are based on return travel, prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability.

Fares:                        Off Peak Each Way
Adult                                     $45.00
Premium Lounge                     $45.00  18yrs plus
Child                                      $25.00
Car/Ute/4x4/Trailer up to 5.5    $124.00 each
Additional half Metre                $19.00
Campervan up to 5.5               $142.00
Additional half Metre                $37.00
Motor Bikes                             $39.00
Kayaks & Bikes                        $15.00 each
Pushbikes                               $15.00 each

Off Peak Dates:
01 March – 12 April 17
19 April – 18 December 17

Fares:                        Peak Each Way
Adult                                       $52.00
Premium Lounge                      $45.00  18yrs plus
Child                                       $25.00
Car/Ute/4x4/Trailer up to 5.5    $137.00 each
Additional half Metre                $22.00
Campervan up to 5.5                $170.00
Additional half Metre                $42.00
Motor Bikes                             $49.00
Kayaks & Bikes                        $15.00 each
Pushbikes                                $15.00 each
Peak Dates:
01-28 February 17
13-18 April 17

Group Booking conditions and instructions for members are:

Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander –
    Online at
Putting GM5605 into the Discount Code box.
•    Every reservation will be given an expiry/payment date, required to be paid in full by that date.
•    Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request.
•    90% refundable if cancelled prior to final check in time – no refund if cancelled after.
•    Email confirmation of event entry to be shown at check in – otherwise full retail fares will be charged.


2017 Competitor List

Please note that this list is not complete and will be updated regularly leading up to event day

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Pre Event Emailers Sent:
Entry confirmation: sent upon entering

Also - if you entered more than one person with the same email address, only one email is sent by the system to any email address, ie if two people are registered with the same email address, only one email will be sent (and addressed to one person only, with their event information) - unfortunately this is not something we can change.  If you would like to receive one personalised to you, please provide a different email address to us and we can amend.  Email your full name and the email address to

Please remember to check in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start at the Maitai Dam Registration Area.  This will alllow enough time to complete check in and have your compulsory gear check.
Briefing will be conducted ten minutes prior to your scheduled Wave Start

Maitai Dam in wave starts, based on your honest half marathon estimate.
8.45am for 2.00hrs plus Half Marathon
9.15am for 1.40-1.59 hrs Half Marathon
9.30am for sub 1.40hrs Half Marathon

Agnew Aaron MALE 40-49 NSN
Agnew Jacquie FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Aitken Marianne FEMALE 40-49 MBH
Angileri Alex MALE Under 40 NSN
Annemieke Lewis FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Auffret Alexandre MALE Under 40 NSN
Bamfield Debbi FEMALE 50-59 TAS
Barnfield Frances FEMALE Under 40 CAN
Bellamy Caroline FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Binnie Grace FEMALE Under 40 MBH
Biss Simon MALE 60+ NSN
Bloomfield Jeremy MALE 60+ WGN
Bolwell Rex MALE 60+ TAS
Bonny Andre MALE Under 40 TAS
Bonny Charlotte FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Boon Tony MALE 40-49 CAN
Bottomley Tanya FEMALE Under 40 AUK
Bower Donna FEMALE 40-49 TAS
Bryson Vicki FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Buchanan Peta-Jane FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Burke Craig MALE 40-49 CAN
Burns Emma FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Burnside Tenille FEMALE Under 40 AUK
Campbell Fraser MALE 40-49 TAS
Candy Dave MALE 50-59 CAN
Canning Paula FEMALE 40-49 TAS
Cant Robert MALE 50-59 NSN
Canton Kate FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Chicksen Raine FEMALE Under 40 AUK
Chisnall James MALE Under 40 TAS
Clark Ben MALE 40-49 NSN
Clake Garry MALE 40-49 NSN
Coates Pete MALE Under 40 NSN
Coleman Kelly FEMALE Under 40 MBH
Collins Andy MALE Under 40 CAN
conte joanna FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Cottam Stu MALE 50-59 NSN
Couper Nigel MALE 40-49 MBH
Cox Angela FEMALE 40-49 NSN
craddock KATIE FEMALE 40-49 WTC
Croft Stuart MALE 50-59 TAS
Dalzell Gretchen FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Davies Barry MALE 40-49 NSN
Doyle Nikky FEMALE 40-49 MBH
Draper Lance MALE 40-49 TAS
Drew Paula FEMALE Under 40 TAS
Dunn Karolyne FEMALE 40-49 TAS
Dunn Kim MALE 40-49 TAS
faivre baptiste MALE Under 40 NSN
Falkner Janne FEMALE 60+ TAS
Farquhar Kathy FEMALE 50-59 NSN
Fitton John MALE 60+ TAS
Ford Bridget FEMALE Under 40 CAN
Ford Matt MALE Under 40 CAN
Forsythe Rosie FEMALE Under 40 AUK
Francis Nicky FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Francis Paul MALE 40-49 NSN
Gibbs Peter MALE 60+ NSN
Gilbert Mark MALE Under 40 CAN
Glossop Max MALE Under 40 NSN
Grant Melody FEMALE Under 40 TAS
Gundry Vanessa FEMALE 50-59 NSN
Hall Dave MALE 40-49 NSN
Hamilton Matt MALE 40-49 NSN
Harrhy Katie FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Harrhy Phil MALE 40-49 NSN
Harvest Ben MALE 50-59 TAS
Hayman Kamala FEMALE 50-59 CAN
Heslop Michelle FEMALE Under 40 TAS
Higginbottom Andrew MALE 40-49 TAS
Hindmarsh Mike MALE 40-49 NSN
Holland Kevin MALE 50-59 CAN
Holland Karyn FEMALE 50-59 TAS
Horncastle David MALE 40-49 NSN
Hunter Briar FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Hurford Gavin MALE Under 40 NSN
James Rosie FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Keown Dayle MALE Under 40 CAN
Kerr Craig MALE 50-59 CAN
Knauf Justin MALE 40-49 MBH
Kumar Kunal MALE Under 40 AUK
Lattimore Sally FEMALE 40-49 TAS
Latz Annabelle FEMALE Under 40 MBH
Leadbetter Kerensa FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Lees Anthea FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Lindbom Sheryl FEMALE 50-59 TAS
Lindbom Tony MALE 40-49 NSN
Loffhagen Ross MALE 60+ CAN
Mackie Blake MALE 40-49 TAS
macMillan joel MALE Under 40 AUK
Manderson Wayne MALE 50-59 TAS
Marshall James MALE 40-49 NSN
Marvin Tracey FEMALE 40-49 TAS
Mcelroy Sam MALE 40-49 CAN
McLaughlin Sarah FEMALE Under 40 AUK
McLeod Amy FEMALE Under 40 NSN
McPherson Eric MALE 50-59 NSN
Mearns Haydn MALE 40-49 MBH
Millar Julie FEMALE Under 40 WGN
Monastra Mike MALE Under 40 WGN
Moon Emily FEMALE Under 40 WGN
Morgan Sam MALE 40-49 TAS
Newberry Matt MALE 40-49 NSN
O'Donnell Krissy FEMALE Under 40 TAS
Oliver Margaret FEMALE Under 40 TAS
O'Malley Amy FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Orange Mel MALE 50-59 CAN
Patterson Alice FEMALE Under 40 AUK
Paulin Jono MALE Under 40 NSN
Pearson Samantha FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Penno-Chisnall Jane FEMALE Under 40 TAS
Powell Justin MALE 40-49 TAS
Prince Leece FEMALE 40-49 NSN
Purdie Darlene FEMALE 40-49 MBH
Pyemont Chris MALE 40-49 TAS
Richardson Gareth MALE Under 40 NSN
Riley Andy MALE Under 40 NSN
Ritchie Susan FEMALE 60+ NSN
Robertson Scott MALE 40-49 TAS
Robertson craig MALE 40-49 NSN
Robinson Joseph MALE Under 40 TAS
Robinson Jaime FEMALE Under 40 WGN
Ross Neville MALE 60+ CAN
Rutledge Paul MALE 50-59 CAN
Scheib Jesh MALE Under 40 TAS
Schwarzenbach Ursula FEMALE 40-49 TAS
Sellars Graeme MALE 60+ NSN
Semmens Kerry FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Sharpe Megan FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Shattock Paul MALE Under 40 NSN
Shepherd James MALE 40-49 CAN
Smith Lyn FEMALE 50-59 NSN
Smith Katie FEMALE Under 40 WTC
Smith Neil MALE 50-59 TAS
Speirs Rebecca FEMALE 40-49 WGN
Stenhouse Emily FEMALE Under 40 MBH
Stevens Leigh MALE 50-59 NSN
Stoddart Amanda FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Sunde Clare FEMALE Under 40 CAN
Thornton Paul MALE 50-59 NSN
Thornton Roxana FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Thynne Ed MALE Under 40 TAS
Todd Susan FEMALE 40-49 OTA
Tomalin Jodye FEMALE 40-49 MBH
van gelder-horgan nicola FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Verstappen Peter MALE 50-59 TAS
Vessiot Nicolas MALE Under 40 WGN
Wagstaff Tui FEMALE 40-49 CAN
Wallbank Ben MALE Under 40 NSN
White Rowan MALE Under 40 NSN
Wilkie Callum MALE Under 40 NSN
Williams Graham MALE 60+ TAS
Williams Monique FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Wilson Renee FEMALE Under 40 NSN
Wilson Grant MALE 50-59 NSN
Wilson Rosey FEMALE 50-59 TAS
Wood John MALE 60+ WTC
Worboys Gareth MALE 40-49 NSN




(WITH TIME ADJUSTMENT FOR ALTERED WAVE START TIMES TO FEED INTO THE CALCULATION - this differs from what was shown at prizegiving this afternoon)

Congratulations to Andre Bonny, Tom Patchett, Tom Booth & Paula Canning, Caitlin Fielder, Florence Van Dyke and Frances Riley - all new additions to the Copper and Chromite Bunches respectively.



Couple of changes to placegetters because of this - Florence Van Dyke 3rd Overall Woman and 2nd Under 40, Frances Riley 3rd Under 40 and Stu Cottan and Andy Town switch places in the 50-59 category. Apologies for the confusion. Well done to you all. Super effort.


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