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Joined: 16/12/2010
Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake - have a great loop!

We look forward to seeing you at Lake Rotoiti this Saturday morning.

Some reminders for you:

Registration is at the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall, from 7.30am. This is located opposite the Lake Rotoiti School, Main Road, St Arnaud.

9.15am down by the lakefront (Kerr Bay). The finish is where the track ends (by the camping area).

An event briefing will be held approximately 15 minutes prior to the start down by the startline. Please note that it is compulsory to attend the briefing.

Compulsory Gear
A reminder that you need to wear or carry at all times:
* Windproof Jacket
* Survival Blanket
* Polypropylene/woollen or equivalent Top
* Polypropylene/woollen or equivalent Hat
* Polypropylene/woollen or equivalent Gloves
* Whistle

Please note that your gear must include a long sleeved garment (ie at a minimum, either your polypropylene/woollen top OR your windproof jacket must be long sleeved).

There are no water/aid stations on this course, so you need to carry your own water/hydration.

All food/supplement wrappers etc must be numbered to comply with the track's pack-in pack-out rubbish policy. There will be marker pens available at Registration for you to do this.

Please clean your shoes before entering the park to ensure no transfer of seeds and to help prevent the spread of didymo.

Safe travels and see you soon!!