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Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake

Forecast is looking good!

We have been receiving a few questions about whether with the rain we would go ahead ....

Remember (taken direct from the website here http://www.nelsonevents.co.nz/content/alpine-lodge-loop-the-lake)

In the event of extreme weather conditions the organising committee reserves the right to set an alternative course or to cancel the event. This decision would be made on the morning of the event, and notification made at Event HQ (the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall, where you will pick up your race pack).
If river levels deemed too high to cross, a decision will be made by the Event Director as to an out and back option.'

The Travers River does drop relatively quickly, hence why the decision is always made on event morning, and at this stage all is tracking for a great day with no forecast rain on Friday.

Just remember your compulsory gear, and layers for before and afterwards.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Safe travels.

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Re: Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake

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