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300 Stepping into Spring in the “Backwoods of Nelson"

Saturday , September 1st, and Nelson Events Dun Run is fast approaching a sell out 300 strong field.

Only 30 places remain, 15 in the Original 26km and 15 in the new 39km Long Course Option.

The Long Course starts right in the City and heads inland along the Maitai River trails for the initial 13km, climbing up the aptly named Big Hill Track before joining up with the “Original’s” just above the Dam. From there it’s upwards and onto the 1860’s mineral belt and down NZ’s first railway albeit horse drawn’

75 years young is the oldest competitor while the field is quite evenly spread between the sexes, 138 male & 122 female, a far cry from 20 years ago whereupon women made up a mere 20% or less in any trail running event.

To be on September’s startline suggest click onto nelsonevents.co.nz and commit yourself as soon as possible and if you have a few days afterwards spare, then stay on, explore the region further and watch the AB’s against Argentina the following Saturday

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Re: 300 Stepping into Spring in the “Backwoods of Nelson"

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Re: 300 Stepping into Spring in the “Backwoods of Nelson"

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Re: 300 Stepping into Spring in the “Backwoods of Nelson"

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Re: 300 Stepping into Spring in the “Backwoods of Nelson"

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Re: 300 Stepping into Spring in the “Backwoods of Nelson"

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