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“RUNNING NAKED” along the Maitai

There is nothing as liberating as “running naked”…… as in running or walking naked without your watch.
Getting disconnected is the theme of the longstanding NBS Nelson Striders Half Marathon & 10km which celebrates it’s 25th anniversary on December 2nd switching from its normal January time slot.
Glancing down at your wrist every couple of minutes, checking your pace or pulse, email or Facebook alerts becomes forgotten and instead competitors just tune into their body….. .and better still immerse themselves fully along the peaceful setting of the Maitai River.
The out and back course along the Maitai Valley Road is ideal road run or walking terrain, no severe undulations, just a test as you follow the upward flow of Nelson’s main water supply source. Time is made up on the downward journey however competitors will never know by how much until prizegiving.
Another feature of this annual favourite is all the prizes are based on the pig – pork roasts, bacon, ham steaks …. symbolic since the 1994 August day when a wild boar chased a group of Striders whilst they were out on their Sunday run.
The swine’s remains now being the Trevor Ruffell Tusk Trophy, aka, The Boar’s Jaw, is the prestigious prize in the 21.1km event – awarded to whoever runs or walks closest to their estimate.
Over the event’s long history many have come within a couple of seconds ….. Stu Cottam clocking in exact in 1998. The 10 closest to their estimates in both distances will be rewarded for their clever running to time or just good guessing.
An Early Bird entry discount applies until August 23rd so register early and commit to 4 months of training.
With kilometre markings now along the Maitai Valley Road the challenge of learning pace judgement has just been made easier.
Full details on nelsonevents.co.nz